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A Never Ending Saga

STDs, Drugs, & Guns: Inside Blac Chyna, Kylie & Rob’s Lawsuit

Kardashian claims his baby mama owes $100K in damages.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian broke up in July after a tumultuous relationship, but their battle is far from over. While the mother-of-two was ready to go to war with her ex after he posted nude photos of her online without her permission, little did she and her lawyer Lisa Bloom know that the reclusive star had his counter-attack ready! And his youngest sister Kylie Jenner made sure to have his back as well.

Rob must have seen their demise coming, because according to their complaint, he documented an incident back in December 2016 when Chyna allegedly abused him while “extremely intoxicated on drugs and alcohol.” She allegedly took one of his guns and was “carelessly playing” with it “unaware if the gun was loaded or if the safety was on,” the complaint states, according to People. It didn’t end there. Rob also claims she tried to choke him later that evening, using not her hands, but an iPhone cord, and he “suffered injuries to his neck.” Chyna wasn’t done; she then chased him and “repeatedly struck him in the head and face.” After Rob ended up outside the home, he attempted to escape in his Bentley, according to the complaint, which caused her to throw “a nearby chair at Rob’s car causing damage to the vehicle and also used a metal rod to injure Rob.” But Chyna did not just take her anger out on Rob. She also destroyed Kylie’s home, which is where the alleged violence took place. Rob claims she owes $100,000 for “damaging a television, breaking down a door, damaging the walls, destroying cells phones and smashing a gingerbread house that was made for the holidays.”

That isn’t the only reason Kylie is backing Rob’s suit and suing Chyna for battery, assault, and vandalism, however. According to The Blast, the 20-year-old alleges Chyna, who she infamously feuded with while dating Tyga, “terrorized” her throughout their relationship, claiming the rapper had STDs. On top of that, while Chyna’s best friend Amber Rose said she and Rob both wanted a child, the complaint claims the 29-year-old dated Rob and went forward with having his baby for financial gain. Her motive was “nothing short of an outright fraud to shake down the Kardashian family,” according to court documents obtained by People.

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