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Thicker Than Water?

Tamra Judge Keeps Her Fridge Stocked For All Her Kids — Except Sidney

New Bravo video accidentally reveals the mother and daughter remain estranged.

In a new video promoting the thirteenth season of Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge may have revealed way more than she meant to about one of her most turbulent relationships.

The video is just a tour of her new kitchen. She stops to explain her beverage fridge, chock full of sparkling water varieties. Lime is her husband Eddie’s favorite, peach is her favorite, orange is her daughter Sophia’s favorite, and her son Spencer prefers regular flat water.

Then she moves on to her other fridge. But wait! This mom left out one important child — Sidney Barney. Based on the contents of Tamra’s fridge, their estrangement continues.

The trouble started when Tamra divorced her husband, Simon Barney, in 2011. The pair became locked in a heated custody battle over their four children.

Sidney moved in with her dad in 2013. In 2014, Simon filed for “sole physical custody” of the three kids, claiming Tamra was “negligent.” The judge dismissed his motion, except in the case of Sidney.

Tamra blames Simon for poisoning Sidney against her. As Star reported at the time, in 2016, Sidney was still estranged from her mother and living with her father.

The drama bled over into RHOC. When then-newcomer Kelly Dodd made a jab about the strained relationship, Tamra snapped and threatened to kill her.

Last year, Tamra was hopeful that Sidney was going to let her back into her life. She attended Sidney’s high school graduation, and they were having some family dinners. But when Tamra posted a collage from the happy event on her Instagram, her daughter snapped.

Sidney wrote a scathing Facebook post about her mother, calling her “toxic” and “the true parent alienator.” She claimed she only invited her mother to graduation because her father forced her to, and she shared a text message screenshot where her mother promised not to post any photos.

“She was no mother to me,” she wrote. It was ice cold.

Judging by the contents of Tamra’s beverage fridge, it seems nothing has changed between the two a year later.

Whose side are you on in this mother-daughter feud? Sound off in the comments!