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Robert Pattinson Moves Out of Kristen Stewart's House: 5 Stars He Could Date Next

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Is it officially over between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart this time?! After their breakup was confirmed (again), Rob was photographed moving his things out of Kristen’s home, making it seem like it’s the final straw for their on-and-off relationship.

Things have reportedly been rocky since Kristen was caught cheating on Rob last summer with director Rupert Sanders, but eventually Rob forgave her and the couple seemed to be doing okay until the last couple of weeks. Although there’s a still a chance for Robsten, we came up with five lovely ladies the Twilight star could move onto, should things not work out with his love of more than three years.

Katy Perry

Considering Katy Perry is allegedly part of the reason why Robsten split (she was spotted leaving the Met Gala with Rob on May 6), she would be the perfect gal for Rob to cozy up to, especially since they’re already friends. The problem here is that Katy also happens to be friends with Kristen. Awkward. Either way, Rob seems to always come off pretty serious and brooding, while Katy is more enthusiastic and fun, so they could make one of those perfect “opposites attract” pairs.

Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence, 22, is a few years younger than Rob, 27, but she’s mature beyond her years, while still remaining a relatable and fun-loving chick. Plus, she’s successful, not to mention gorgeous, so Rob would naturally be lucky to cozy up to this Oscar-winner. It does seem, though, that Jennifer tries to remain fairly private, which may not be possible in a high-profile relationship like one with R.Patz.

Taylor Swift

Like all of Taylor Swift’s relationships, this one could definitely be super dangerous and destructible…or it could just work. It seems like Taylor’s only dated guys who are WAY older (John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal) or just too young (Harry Styles, Connor Kennedy). Rob is only a few years older, so he’d be a perfect in-between, and if you think really long and hard about it…these two could just be weird enough together to work. Problem here? Taylor’s already dated Rob’s pal and co-star Taylor Lautner, and things didn’t end so well…

Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough recently got out of a long-term relationship with Ryan Seacrest, so she’s probably ready to date someone, like Rob, a little closer to her own age. Julianne is quite the opposite of Kristen, and instead of always wearing a scowl, she can’t seem to ever stop smiling, which would be a nice change of pace for Rob, especially since Kristen’s “moody” attitude reportedly contributed to the split.

Nina Dobrev

Considering Nina Dobrev just got out of a long relationship with Ian Somerhalder, she probably isn’t ready to move on and date just yet, but when the time comes, her and Rob could be a good match. For one, they’ve both played vampires…so there’s that. Besides that, Nina is another hot, young, single star, which fits most of the criteria for what Rob is likely looking for.

Let’s just hope, though, that if it comes down to it, Rob doesn’t go for Julianne and Nina…they’re best friends, after all!


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