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Reese Witherspoon ‘Lost’ Herself In Midst Of Heartbreaking Family Tragedies

Starting off as a cheeky all-American girl in films like Pleasantville, Sweet Home Alabama and Legally Blonde (which she helped produce) Reese Witherspoon has climbed her way to the top of the Hollywood mountain, and taken her wildly successful career into her own hands. The talented actress has now turned herself into a celebrated producer, who is responsible for hit films like Gone Girl and Hot Pursuit.

Though she stole her fans’ hearts long ago, the star went through a series of personal tragedies — including a scandalous divorce — at the height of her fame, which led her to lay low for some time. Finally, after years of struggling to find herself and regain her balance, she managed to return to the spotlight, even brighter than she was before.

Reese Witherspoon Lost Herself Family Tragedies

“Reese admitted that for a little moment in time in her career she was feeling a bit lost as an artist,” says entertainment journalist Desiree Murphy in REELZ’s new docuseries Reese Witherspoon: The Price of Fame.

Seeing her despair, her husband, Jim Toth, advised her to start directing, especially if the roles she was being offered didn’t call to her.

Witherspoon, 42, optioned Gone Girl and David Fincher signed on to direct.

“This is one hell of a director we’re talking about: Benjamin Button, The Social Network, Seven. He’s huge,” says entertainment journalist Raha Lewis.

“Reese has amazing taste, she’s an amazing producer. She can put her thumb on the pulse of everything that becomes wildly successful. And it takes a certain eye to be a producer and know what people want to see,” says Witherspoon’s friend, Alanna Uback.

Reese Witherspoon: The Price of Fame airs Sunday, March 10 at 9 ET / PT on REELZ.

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