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Major Flop

The REAL Reason Chelsea Handler’s Netflix Show Was Cancelled

Find out why the TV show host was axed from the network.

Chelsea Handler’s Netflix show was axed on Wednesday and sources close to the situation say the real reason the “bitter and mean” comedian’s gig was canceled, especially after her nasty feud with Jennifer Aniston!

“Chelsea wasn’t funny anymore,” the insider spilled. “Netflix signed up for a funny show. She was bitter and mean.”

Handler, 42, gave a rambling excuse about the cancelation, writing that she wanted to get more involved in politics, but the source says that was exactly why her show ended.

“Netflix was fine with Chelsea doing a political show as long as it was funny or biting, but it wasn’t. She wasn’t as good as the other people doing politics.

Samantha Bee and Stephen Colbert do it right. Chelsea didn’t.”

Handler’s blowout with Jennifer Aniston seemed to affect the show the insider said.

“Maybe that fight had something to do with it. She was used to getting top people but then they stopped coming on her show.”

Her fight with Aniston divided friendships in their group, with many top celeb pals taking the Friends star’s side.

“Netflix wanted her to deliver A-list stars and she wasn’t,” the insider revealed.

Handler’s focus on human interest stories was a flop too, the source spileld. “She couldn’t find who she really was and the stories she wanted to tell weren’t told in an interesting light.”