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Want Rachel Green’s Lip Color? Jennifer Aniston Revealed the Exact Shade

Jennifer Aniston reveals her go-to lip color from the 'Friends' days!


Credit: Brendan Beirne/Shutterstock

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We’re huge Friends fanatics. That’s basically like saying “the sky is blue” at this point, but still. We’re adamant fans of the game-changing sitcom, and of course, we can never get enough of the ‘90s nostalgia, especially when it comes to fashion and makeup. Rachel Green is forever goals, and it’s about time we started reaching those goals, don’t you think?

We definitely think so! And where better to start than by emulating her perfect pout with our very own MAC Satin Lipstick? Jennifer Aniston herself revealed the exact color of this lipstick that her character always wore back when she was filming the show. No dupes here — just pure ‘90s realness that carries beautifully into the 21st century!



See it: Get the MAC Satin Lipstick for $19 at Macy’s, Nordstrom and also available at Amazon

Back in 2017 in an interview with Glamour, Aniston mentioned the “browny brick” Paramount shade of this MAC lipstick. “I remember that was my go-to color when I was doing Friends,” she said, so we obviously found where it was still being sold, decades later!

The love for this lipstick perhaps spans even farther than Ross and Rachel’s love story. It has over 3,600 reviews so far, over 3,000 of which are a perfect five stars! Shoppers can’t stop gushing about its “long-lasting” formula, calling it “moisturizing” and “hydrating,” keeping lips smooth and supple all day long. Yes, all day long! It “stays put,” as one reviewer said, never experiencing any bleed, even without accompanying lip liner or special primer.

The longer a lip color stays on, the more compliments we’ll receive on it. That must be why so many shoppers have been repurchasing this lipstick over and over again. None of that “we were on a break” stuff when it comes to the perfect lip shade!



See it: Get the MAC Satin Lipstick for $19 at Macy’s, Nordstrom and also available at Amazon

This lipstick has a creamy formula with a “soft, cushiony feel.” When we apply some matte lip colors, it basically feels like we’re spreading wet concrete all over our lips, and they end up dehydrated and cracking by the end of the day, if not even earlier. We want a pillowy pout, not a rock-hard frown, so we’re already loving this flexible formula!

The satin finish of this lipstick is just gorgeous, too. Shinier than a matte, but without the sticky, slippery feel of a gloss. It has medium-to-full buildable coverage, so whether we’re in the mood for a blotted look or totally pigmented lips, we can achieve either with the same exact lipstick!

There are currently 27 shades of this Satin Lipstick available at Macy’s. We can find Paramount in the second row from the bottom, so add that to bag first and then feel free to explore the other flattering shades! We’ll find a stunning collection of nudes, as well as bolder shades like reds, pinks and even deep purples. We’re also really loving Sushi Kiss, a summery peach, for this summer!

Friends may be over (sorry about the reminder!), but it can still live on, not only through reruns and Netflix binges, but through our makeup too! That’s why we’re going to be rocking Paramount more often than not going forward. Now if we could just get our hands on every single piece of clothing from Rachel’s entire wardrobe, we’d be all set. Please?

See it: Get the MAC Satin Lipstick for $19 at Macy’s, Nordstrom and also available at Amazon

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