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Makeup & Breakup

Orlando Bloom CAUGHT Two-Timing Katy Perry— Again!

‘Everyone was stunned when she gave him a second chance,’ says a source.

DEAD men tell no tales, but these photos certainly do! Orlando Bloom was caught enjoying some pirate’s booty with a hot blonde on the shores of Malibu just one day after he was seen “kissing” and “cuddling” Katy Perry at an Ed Sheeran concert on Aug. 12 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
“This is really low, even for Orlando. He spent months pouring on the charm, promising Katy that he wanted to make a real go of things,” a source tells Star. “Everyone was stunned when she gave him a second chance because the idea that he could stay faithful is a total joke. But nobody thought that he’d be this cruel.”
To add insult to injury, Orlando, 40, brought Katy’s adorable teacup poodle, Nugget, on his date, too!
“Katy tried to get him out of her system, but she does have this huge soft spot for Orlando — and not just because of the sex,” dishes the insider. “She saw a real future with him and his son, Flynn. Which is why she caved and went to the concert.”
But just like self-professed jerk John Mayer and sex addict Russell Brand, the Pirates of the Caribbean putz left the pop star, 32, with nothing but heartache.
“Katy doesn’t understand why this keeps happening to her,” says the source. “It’s so sad, given how much she has to offer.” Everything but dating advice.