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Gunshots & Cheating Scandals: Inside Miranda & Blake's 'Anything But' Normal Marriage

Lambert & Shelton's romance crashed and burned in the country music spotlight.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton‘s love story will always be remembered as one of the red-hot romances of country music. For years after meeting in 2005, they delighted fans with their passionate duets, emotional hits and undeniable stage chemistry. But while the two looked like American sweethearts in front of fans, there were troubles brewing behind the scenes.

As their schedules got fuller and their lives became more and more centered on their careers, the love birds began to slowly drift away from one another, until a cheating scandal broke them up for good.

Inside Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton’s Troubled Marriage

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“At their engagement party I was inside the tent and I heard a gunshot, and I walked outside. Someone, I think one of their producers, had given them matching shotguns, and they were shooting their shotguns,” recalls Janice Caldwell, Lambert’s speech and debate coach in REELZ’s new docuseries, Miranda Lambert: The Price of Fame.

By 2013 — two years after tying the knot — Lambert, 35, and Shelton‘s fast-paced lifestyles and weeks of touring had begun to take a toll on their marriage

On the show, fellow singer/songwriter Jack Ingram addresses Shelton, 42, and Lambert’s commitment to their music, saying that while any musician drams of touring the world, rocking out in front of huge crowds of fans, there are other things to consider.

“It’s everything you wanted to do, hit the open road. I had a map on my wall that I put pins in every state I went into, every city, and I wanted to fill that thing up — and I still do, but as you grow old, you realize there’s a price to pay for that,” says Jack Ingram.

From the very start, Lambert and Shelton’s relationship was in constant scrutiny, and it didn’t take long for rumors about cheating and vicious fights to spread.

“To say the marriage between Miranda and Blake was normal would be an absolute misstatement because it was anything but,” says radio host Blair Garner.

The stars spent many months out of the year on separate tours, and soon, the distance began to cause problems.

Miranda Lambert: The Price of Fame airs Sunday April 7 at 9 ET / PT on REELZ.