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Big Problem!

Mariah Carey’s Style Team Begs Her To Dress For Her Age— AND Size!

'She only wants to wear skimpy costumes,' says a source.

Sometimes a breakup does a body good… but not for Mariah Carey, who shocked concertgoers with her new girth during a July 11 concert at the Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace in Vegas.

“She was absolutely poured into her costumes,” cringed one fan. “She looked so uncomfortable — the outfits were not flattering at all.”

The diva already piled on the pounds in the wake of her November split from fiancé James Packer, and she seems to have gained even more since dumping backup dancer Bryan Tanaka in April.

“Mariah drinks nonstop and loves fatty, luxurious food. And she goes way overboard when she’s sad, which she has been a lot lately,” divulges a Carey confidante. But the diva, 47, is shaking off any notion of diet and exercise and instead letting her exasperated styling team fight the battle of the bulge for her!

“Her wardrobe crew has tried to steer her to outfits that are more flattering and age appropriate, but Mariah refuses,” explains the insider. “She only wants to wear these skimpy costumes despite the fact that she’s pushing 200 pounds and 50 years old.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the elusive chanteuse will be prancing into a gym — or the plus-size section — one sweet day.

“Mariah’s totally in denial and insists that she’s a size 2; her stylists end up switching the tags on much larger garments just to appease her,” tattles the tipster. “It’s a shame — she’s a very beautiful woman and could look so much better if she just accepted that she can’t dress or eat like she’s in her 20s anymore!”