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Shocking Betrayal

Madonna’s 'Horrifying!' Younger Brother Slams Star 9 Years After Tell-All

Christopher claims he could have been even harsher on his sister.

BOSSY, sweaty, moody and mean…that’s how the Material Girl’s younger brother, Christopher Ciccone, described the singer in his 2008 tome, Life With My Sister Madonna. That may sound harsh, but in a stunning new interview, the author claims he could have been even harder on his superstar sister. “I could have written that book, the book about how horrifying she is or can be, but I didn’t write that book,” says Christopher, 56, who worked as Madonna’s dresser and show designer for years — while being demeaned and underpaid, he claims.
“She’s quite powerful in Los Angeles, in the industry,” he adds, and after their falling out, “it was difficult to get work, if not impossible.” Christopher also disses his 59-year-old sister’s recent concert performances, calling them “difficult to watch” and saying she’s “lost her connection” to her audience. “It’s all screens and projections and Kabbalah and all this other stuff…” he snipes.
It seems the hits just keep on coming for Madonna — and we don’t mean the recording kind. Early last month, a bitchy letter she wrote in the early ’90s, in which she ridiculed Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston as “horribly mediocre” talents who couldn’t measure up to her immense abilities, went on the auction block. Then, an NYC-based ex-con named Peter Shue, who briefly dated Madonna in 1994, attempted to sell a pair of panties she had given him; a court order stopped the sale.