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Shocking Details

Lisa Vanderpump’s Tragedy: Investigation Underway In Brother’s Sudden Death

Mark Vanderpump was rushed to the hospital before he died, an official says.


New details surrounding the sudden death of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpumps brother have emerged.


Mark Vanderpump, 59, a DJ in England, died of a suspected overdose, according to reports.


Initial reports said Mark was found dead in his home on April 30. However, an official at the Gloucestershire’s Coroner’s Office in the U.K. exclusively told that Mark was taken to a nearby hospital before he suddenly died.

“He died in a Swindon Hospital and was transferred here on the 1st of May,” the UK official told the publication.

The official confirmed the Coroner’s Office in Gloucestershire will be carrying out an inquest, otherwise known as an investigation typically involving an autopsy to confirm an exact cause of death.

Mark’s inquest was opened on May 10, and the coroner has scheduled a final court hearing to discuss the findings for cause of death for October 9, 2018, the official confirmed.

The Beverly Hills housewife spoke out about her brother’s sudden death in a statement.

“This has come as a shock to us all. My brother and I had connected the day before this tragedy and I was completely unprepared for this,” she said.

The statement continued: “He was my only sibling and I am shocked and saddened by his passing. I am trying to be supportive to his two young sons that he has left behind, and help them get through this tragedy. We appreciate your consideration in this private and extremely difficult family time.”

In January, the siblings had a nasty fight during a sit-down dinner in a New York City restaurant. Mark ultimately ditched the Beverly Hills housewife during the screaming match.