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Kylie Jenner Calls BFF Jordyn Woods Her ‘Girlfriend’

‘We’re more than friends,’ the reality star confessed.

On the season finale episode of Life Of Kylie, star Kylie Jenner drops a bombshell reveal: she and BFF Jordyn Woods are splitting! The model, 19, who previously voiced her concerns about Jenner getting in the way of her career, told her friend that she needed some time away from her, to focus on her own path. While the Lip Kit mogul was initially shocked and angry, she eventually understood where Woods was coming from. “I do think it’s hard to be the best friend. It’s a lot of attention. Dealing with me and my family becomes a lot of positive, but a lot of negative too,” said the 20-year-old.

Before parting ways, the formerly inseparable duo had a bizarre commitment ceremony. “It’s like a marriage for friends. I want people to know that we’re more than that. She’s my girlfriend. I care for her like I care for my girlfriend,” said Jenner. She then proceeded to say that no matter how long they are apart, she and Woods will always be family and want the best for each other. “All I want for Jordyn is to have all the success in the world and I want her to know that I’m always gonna be here to support her on whatever,” said Jenner.

“I just think everything is happening perfectly for her. She’s going at the perfect pace. She’s accomplished so many things so far. I’m just really proud of her. Jordyn is my ride or die. Vice versa. We might not always be together, but we will always be connected in the mountains of Peru.”

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