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Watch: Kim Kardashian Attacks Kourtney’s Appearance During Heated Fight

The sisters go at it over a photoshoot in a new ‘KUWTK’ clip.


Kim Kardashian dished out some vicious words to older sister Kourtney. Watch in the clip above.

On Sunday’s premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the siblings go at each other’s throats while momager Kris Jenner tries to keep the peace.

In the clip, Kim is trying to organize a photoshoot, but Kourtney anticipates that she’ll be the only one who’s there on time. Instead of waiting around for everyone else, she wants to set a specific meeting time.

“If [I get there] and no one’s ready, and I’m, like, lingering around, I’m leaving at 4:00 PM, and I don’t care what anyone says,” the 39-year-old argues.

“Be nice!” Kris, 62, urges her eldest, but Kourtney doesn’t listen. “Be nice to each other.”

Kim, 37, loses it completely. “No one wants you in the f—ing shoot. Get the f— out of here and go. … We don’t want you in the shoot,” she yells. When Kourtney says she didn’t want to be in it anyway, Kim says, “Good, ’cause you’re so f—ing annoying.”

“You are annoying, Kourtney. You’re being annoying,” Kris adds.

Then Khloe walks in. The 34-year-old tries to urge them to consider that there are bigger problems in the world than their photoshoot, but no one listens.

Then Kim goes for the jugular. She yells, “Maybe if you had a f—ing business that you were passionate about … but you don’t, so don’t even act like you know what I’m talking about.”

“Kourtney, you just have a way of rubbing people the wrong way,” Kris says.

“I need Kourtney to not be so f—ing annoying with a stick up her a— like she f—ing runs this s—, because she doesn’t,” Kim says, after her sister leaves.

But perhaps worst of all she says of Kourtney, “She’s the least exciting to look at.” Burn.

Whose side are you on — Kim’s or Kourtney’s? Let us know in the comments!