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Risky Business

Kim Kardashian Wants To Have A Third Child & Her Doctors Are NOT Feeling It

But what does the 'KUWTK' star's husband Kanye West think?

A third child could help bring the complicated couple closer — but is another pregnancy worth the health risks?

A year ago, Kim Kardashian reflected on her two difficult pregnancies and insisted there was “no way” she’d have another child with hubby Kanye West. Yet, despite the dangers, she’s apparently changed her tune.

“I’m going to try to have one more baby,” the star recently admitted, shocking everyone close to her.

Kim and Kanye’s marriage has been going through some extremely rough patches of late, says an insider, “and I think Kim believes a new baby will repair their relationship.” Even while dropping her baby bombshell, Kim, 36, admitted that “the doctors don’t think it’s safe.” A third pregnancy could certainly have an adverse effect on her body — but, the insider adds, “I believe Kim might be willing to take that chance if it means helping to salvage her marriage.”

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The Kardashian-West union has been stretched almost to the breaking point since October, when Kim, shockingly, was held at gunpoint during a robbery in Paris — and Kanye’s emotional support in the weeks after seemed sorely lacking. Then, just before Thanksgiving, the rap superstar, 39, was committed for psychiatric observation in L.A. after a series of onstage rants.

“There were actually reports of strain in their marriage even before Paris,” says the insider. “Clearly, in Kim and Kanye’s case, any positive news would be a godsend. And where Kim is concerned, another child could be the answer.” Kim herself has admitted that after the trauma of her Paris robbery, “I feel the need to bring another soul into this world. I want my kids to have siblings.”

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Kim should proceed with caution, however, since her previous pregnancies were problematic. She experienced pre- eclampsia — a condition that can cause dangerously high blood pressure — while giving birth to daughter North West, 3, and later had surgery to remove scar tissue on her uterus, while 1-year-old son Saint West was nearly a breech birth. And Kim has admitted that she may need yet another surgery on her uterus “to repair [a] hole.”

With that in mind, the insider adds, “Kim can of course consider turning to surrogacy this time.”

She’s also turning to her mom for guidance — and while Kris Jenner, 61, is there with dietary suggestions and stress- reduction techniques should Kim go the birth route again, she’s also reportedly been offering unsolicited advice on how Kim can spice things up in the bedroom to get Kanye interested!

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“That sounds like Kris to a tee,” says the insider. “She has to be involved even to the degree of offering sex tips, which is the last thing Kim needs.

“Bottom line, Kim’s life and livelihood are all about drama, and that extends to expanding the family. Everyone just hopes she makes the right decision, not just for the health of her marriage, but for the health of her body.”

What do you think about Kim wanting another baby? Tell us your thoughts below!