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Fertility Envy

Is Kim Jealous Kylie Is Pregnant While She Struggled To Conceive?

Kardashian ‘didn’t respond well at first,’ says a source.

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy came as a shock to everyone, but the person most surprised by the news may have been her big sister Kim Kardashian! After months of trying to get pregnant, Kim and her husband Kanye West finally found success with a surrogate, who is due early next year. But before Kim, 36, had a minute to enjoy the excitement of having a third child on the way, her sister Kylie, 20, revealed she was pregnant herself, and according to a source, Kim did not take the news well!

“Her first was reaction was, ‘Seriously?’” a source close to Kim told People magazine. “She didn’t respond well at first. It’s like she and Kanye had gone on this whole journey to get pregnant for months, and now this happens to Kylie. She teared up. It definitely took a lot of time for her to process it.” The source explained that the idea of Kylie getting pregnant “was the last thing on their radar.” “Kylie is just 20 and hasn’t been with [boyfriend Travis Scott] for very long. So no one saw this coming,” the insider said.

“It’s just a weird dynamic, after all that Kim did to intentionally have another child. It has taken a lot of time, energy and money for her to get pregnant, and now Kylie is having a baby around the same time,” the source explained. Still, the insider insists Kim is happy for her baby sister: “Of course Kim is happy for Kylie. She’s going to support Kylie 100 percent, no matter what. There’s never been any question about that.”

“The babies will be the same age, and will probably be very close,” the source added. “Family is everything for the Kardashians, so they’re going to focus on these new kids in the family. Everyone is genuinely happy.”

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