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Nasty Split!

Jennifer Hudson’s Ex Insists The Singer Had A Secret Lover Despite Denials

Otunga slams: ‘She’s been with another man for several months!’

The Voice coach Jennifer Hudson’s private love life is about to become public record.

On Thursday, the 36-year-old Oscar winning actress filed an emergency order of protection against former fiancé David Otunga, accusing him of “increasingly aggressive, threatening and harassing behavior” towards her and their son, David Jr.

In the order, Hudson cited a November 15 incident in which she claimed he told their 8-year-old to take video of his mother’s recording session at Chicago Recording Company as Otunga become paranoid she was secretly romantically involved with a producer.

The dad “told him to scan the room with the camera on his iPad in order for David to see who was present at the recording studio with us,” she alleged. “David then said, ‘Don’t let your mom’s boyfriend f***ing touch you.”

Hudson insisted she is not dating a producer and they are just friends!

But an attorney for Otunga is not buying it, and said, “Jennifer is lying about everything!”

“As far as David catching Jennifer cheating with this producer, he didn’t need to catch her cheating,” Otunga’s lawyer Tracy M. Rizzo said.

“She has been with another man for several months. My client’s only concern was the fact that Jennifer was keeping their son out late on school nights with her and her boyfriend, which she did numerous times. Her saying that he was trying to catch her is nonsense.”

As previously reported Hudson also alleged that Otunga often demonstrated a “bad temper” and “aggressive tirades,” and recently displayed “verbal and physical abuse” and “unpredictable behavior” during their breakup, which Otunga’s rep adamantly denied!

“My client is a Harvard Law grad. He has the calmest demeanor and has never gotten physical with anyone,” Rizzo added.

Hudson was granted temporary physical care and possession of David Jr., and they will face off in court on Dec. 7.