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Is She Ok?

Heidi Klum Looked A Wreck After Photos Emerge Of Her BF Kissing Mystery Brunette

Find out who the secret woman is.

IT was a rarely seen side of Heidi Klum. On the afternoon of June 23, the gorgeous supermodel, who almost never fails to flash a stunning smile when photographed out and about, seemed particularly downcast as she was spotted on a Manhattan street with her hair pulled back, a pair of large, black sunglasses hiding her eyes — and a lacy red bra peeking out from her dangerously low-cut top.
It could hardly be a coincidence that just a few hours earlier, photos had emerged of her boyfriend of three years, art dealer Vito Schnabel, sharing romantic kisses with a twentysomething mystery brunette in London that morning. “Heidi really looked dejected,” says an eyewitness. “She’s usually so bubbly, so her mood really stood out that afternoon.” And, a source adds, “Wearing that revealing top with her bra sticking out kind of sent a strange day-after vibe that Heidi was convincing Vito — or herself — that she’s as sexy as any younger woman he’s had his eyes on.”
It seems Vito’s wandering eyes have been a constant source of heartache for Heidi (who, at 44, is 14 years his senior). He’s been spotted catting around with someone else behind his lover’s back multiple times — and this latest episode has to be particularly galling, given Vito’s tepid excuse after getting caught.
He and the unidentified beauty exited the Chiltern Firehouse, a luxury hotel and restaurant in London’s affluent Marylebone district, at 3:30 a.m. that Friday morning, and reportedly spent 30 seconds kissing before jumping into a waiting taxi. As the cab pulled away, the duo were photographed through the back window passionately locking lips — with Vito wrapping his hand around his companion’s head as he pulled her close.
The following day — after the photos raised a ruckus in the British press — Vito released the following statement: “The claims that have been made are a misrepresentation of an entirely innocent situation. There is nothing more to this than I was simply saying goodnight to a family friend and we went our separate ways.” However, the source tells Star, “To me, the fact that Vito felt compelled to immediately put this statement out at all speaks volumes. And if that’s how he behaves with a ‘family friend,’ he must be the friendliest guy in town!”
During the May 2016 Billboard Music Awards, when asked about her relationship with Vito, Heidi gushed, “I’m very much in love… How do you know when it is? You just feel it, and then you know.”
Since then, Vito’s latest alleged indiscretion makes it four times  that he’s been caught in questionable ­situations. “It’s strange that Heidi keeps turning a blind eye to Vito’s antics,” the source adds of the twice-divorced mom of four. “Maybe she just doesn’t want to ­abandon another relationship — or ­perhaps the feeling of time catching up to her has dulled her resolve. But it’s sad to see.”
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