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Baby Bombshell

Sources Say Gwen Stefani Is Pregnant At 47! But What Does Blake Think?

And does this mean it's time for them to say 'I do'?

ON May 13, during Mother’s Day weekend, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were all smiles as they enjoyed a family meal at the Pines Resort in California’s Yosemite National Park before heading out for some sightseeing. “They looked beyond happy,” an eyewitness reports. “Gwen was hugging her sons, and Blake was beaming, looking very much like a proud papa.”
Ironically (and happily!), it seems that Blake, 40, may soon be able to say he really is a dad. Sources say the celebrity couple were visiting the park for a very special ­celebration — ­because Gwen is pregnant! “I heard she was beside herself when she found out at a ­recent doctor’s ­appointment,” a friend tells Star, “and that when Gwen broke the news to Blake while they were spending a quiet evening together at home, he was just overcome with emotion. They both got teary-eyed and held each other tight”
Given that Gwen is 47, those closest to the couple see the pregnancy as nothing short of a miracle. “They knew that conceiving was bound to be a challenge,” the friend says. “Gwen and Blake had been trying to have a baby together for a while and had even been considering IVF. But they held off on the treatments and didn’t give up — and apparently, it happened the natural way. If there’s one thing you can say about Blake, it’s that he’s certainly not lazy!”
While the duo are surely ecstatic that they’re expecting, Gwen must feel ­especially blessed. Though she had no trouble conceiving her sons ­Kingston, 10, and Zuma, 8, with ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, the No Doubt singer struggled to get pregnant with their third child, Apollo, 3. On top of that, Gwen reportedly has had a couple of false alarms while trying to get pregnant with Blake.
“Gwen’s always taken good care of herself, but she’ll have to be super careful with this pregnancy,” the friend says. “Doctors will monitor her and the baby very closely, and they’ll give her a very specific health regimen to follow. She must cut back on exercise and eat a more balanced, nutritious diet. Gwen’s a vegetarian, but she’ll have to eat more protein, including fish, eggs, tofu, beans, milk and nuts. Of course, she’ll do everything it takes to ensure a healthy pregnancy.”
Baby comes first
That includes taking a break from her ­duties on The Voice. “While Blake will stay on, it was already announced that Gwen won’t be part of the coaching panel on the upcoming season,” the friend adds. “Obviously, a pregnancy is always top priority, and she can use the time off from the show to settle in with the baby.”
As for the nursery, sources say that this time around, Gwen is definitely thinking pink. “She’s secretly yearning for a girl,” the friend says. “She’s trying not to get her hopes up too much, but she’d love for her boys to have a little sister.” And dad-to-be Blake is just fine with that, the source adds. “He’d love to have a daughter to spoil; Blake has even said as much to his mom, Dorothy. She’s so thrilled at the prospect of Blake finally becoming a father. Dorothy has spoken to Gwen before to let her know that she would be there for her, and that whatever she needs, to consider it done. Gwen was very, very touched.”
Now that baby’s on the way, Gwen and Blake will soon have twice the reason to celebrate, says the friend: They’ve ­quickly pulled together a secret plan to tie the knot in June. “They were already settled on plans for a big, splashy wedding, but they put them on hold last year. Now the nuptials are back on, but instead of a gala party, they’re going to have a small ceremony with just their family and best friends. In the wake of the wonderful baby news, a more intimate affair will hit exactly the right emotional note and be the right way to go with those closest to them.”
And while they may not be on the guest list, both Gwen and Blake’s former mates, Gavin and Miranda Lambert, have been more than gracious. “Despite all that’s gone down between them in the past, when Blake told Miranda about the wedding, she and her boyfriend, Anderson East, expressed their good wishes, and Gavin did the same when Gwen shared the good news with him. That’s exactly how Gwen and Blake were hoping their exes would react, and it’s only added to the warm feelings surrounding the happy developments.”
The friend adds: “Gwen and Blake have been a blissed-out couple ever since they first fell in love on The Voice two years ago, but this is a whole new level of happiness for them. Their relationship is stronger than ever, and now it seems they’ll soon be married and having a family of their own. What more could they ask for?”