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Is It Over?

Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber Fight Over Son Presley's Modeling Career

Insiders say the couple’s marriage has been strained

IT was one of the most shocking events in the nearly 20-year marriage of supermodel Cindy Crawford and businessman Rande Gerber. During a tipsy night out at a rock concert at the Malibu Inn, eyewitnesses claim a drunken Cindy went on a wild dancing and flirting spree with several members of the headlining band, Terraplane Sun. “She certainly wasn’t acting like a married woman, but like a single, 21-year-old party girl,” said the band’s drummer, Lyle Riddle. Though a rep for Crawford denied Riddle’s story, he also claimed Cindy openly hit on the guitarist, Johnny Zambetti, backstage, and then blurted out, “My marriage is over!” — all while Rande looked on from afar, completely unfazed.
Looking back, Cindy’s remark that night in 2013 seemed like a bolt from the blue, but insiders claim their union’s been strained for quite some time — and that she and Rande have now reached a new low in their relationship. The reason? The couple have been fighting like cats and dogs about their teen son, ­Presley, and his decision to pursue a modeling career, just like his mom. “At this point, I’m worried this is something they can’t talk through and work out between 
themselves,” claims an insider. “They’ve already been dealing with reports over the years about Rande cheating on her with multiple women, and Cindy’s been simmering with anger and resentment for a long time. If they finally decide to split, with so much money involved, it could get very nasty. This could be a $1 billion divorce!”
double standard
When it comes to son Presley’s desire to model, sources say Cindy, 51, supports his choice 100 percent, but hubby Rande, 55 — himself a former model — is dead set against it. “Rande doesn’t think the industry is a healthy environment” for the 17-year-old, claims the insider. “Rande’s concerned about Presley being dragged into the toxic world of the catwalk, especially when he’s still in the process of finding himself and figuring out what he wants to do in life.
“Curiously, Rande seems to have no problem with their 15-year-old daughter, Kaia, who looks just like her mom, following in Cindy’s well-heeled footsteps. She started modeling when she was only 10, and she’s now the face of Miu Miu, MarcJacobs and ­AlexanderWang.” The insider claims that, in Cindy’s mind, “Presley has every right to choose his own path and get into the business, just like his sister did — and she’s upset that Rande is being so stubborn about it.”
And while Presley’s career has not taken off the way his sister’s has, “Cindy is confident that it eventually will,” the insider adds. “But I heard that Rande is worried that Presley won’t be immune from comparing himself to Kaia — and that would be a blow to his ego.
“Either way, seeing their parents at war has got to be painful. It goes without saying that Presley and Kaia are old enough to know what’s going on. I’m sure they’ve seen Cindy and Rande argue over the years, but if it continues to escalate it could really be traumatic.”
randy’s roving eye
For her part, Cindy has long had her own burden to bear — namely, Rande’s alleged serial infidelities. The nightclub impresario, who’s reportedly been dubbed “Mr. Hands On” by some of his female staff, has been sued for sexual harassment by former employees (he denied the charges). Even more shocking, just four years after their 1998 wedding, Star reported exclusively that Rande was spotted making out with 20-year-old college student JillYuhas, who worked at his Chicago bar, in the bedroom area of the establishment — while Cindy was 1,500 miles away taking care of their babies at home in Los Angeles.
Rande reportedly had another intimate liaison — with a disturbingly similar pattern — two years later, when waitress Harmony Kubiak told Star that she and Rande had a steamy encounter during the opening of his club at the W hotel in New Orleans, where he invited her up to his suite. After emerging from the shower in nothing but a towel, “He undressed me and within seconds we were naked in the bed,” Harmony claimed, adding that she “freaked out” and left the room.
big money
If Cindy and Rande are headed for ­divorce, it could wreak havoc on the
A-list couple’s massive financial empire. Cindy has created a global brand of bestselling exercise videos, a skincare line and a home furniture collection that grosses over $250 million annually. Rande launched The Gerber Group, a chain of luxury bars, restaurants and lounges across the U.S. and Europe; he and his pal, George Clooney, also founded the tequila brand Casamigos — which they recently sold for an astounding $1 billion.
“There is obviously a huge amount at stake here,” the insider says. “Nobody knows how a split could shake out, since it’s unclear whether Cindy and Rande have a prenup. I think she’s been putting up with him for a long time — and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s finally reached her limit.”