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Chrissy Teigen Calls Out Rob Kardashian — Then Gets Super Cryptic

The cookbook author shades the reality star.

Chrissy Teigen got very shady in a game she played on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In the game, “Loaded Questions,” six shots sit on coasters with very personal questions on them. The person who picks that shot answers the question — without saying what the question is! If they don’t want the audience to find out, they have to take the shot. Watch the clip above to find out where Rob Kardashian comes in!

Chrissy’s first shot is called “Satan’s Testicles.” She reads the question, then says, “Rob Kardashian.”

“What?!” Jimmy yells. “What are you talking about?! Rob Kardashian? What does that mean?”

But Chrissy doesn’t want to let anyone know the question. She mulls it over, then down the shot. “This is delicious,” she says.

The rest of the game was less shady. “$6,000,” the host answers his question, before shooting his shot.

“I’m happy with three times a week,” Chrissy answers her question.

“I think I know what the question could be,” Jimmy says, laughing. “Is John happy with three times a week?”

Chrissy jumps up and down. “I didn’t say anything about John! It could be anything!” She takes the shot.

Jimmy revealed that he never Googles himself. Chrissy said she only does it when she said something dumb and worries that people are mad.

Chrissy takes a very long time answering her next question. “We have to burn this one, I think,” she says, before answering, “Jimmy Fallon.” She ruins the coaster before taking her shot. “No one will never know the answer to that one.”

The final round uses Jello shots. “Gentleman’s club,” Chrissy says, while Jimmy says it was a hotel in Nashville. The question? Where’s the weirdest place you’ve ever woken up?

What do you think Chrissy doesn’t want us to know about her and Rob? Sound off in the comments!