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Does This 'Found' iPad Hold The Kardashians' Darkest Secrets?

Shady dealer wants $10M for the hardware!

WHEN it comes to their personal lives, the Kardashians have been an open book, dishing up an endless stream of juicy details and high drama carefully calculated to keep them in the public eye. There may be darker truths, however, that America’s most famously indiscreet family would rather keep hidden — and some of them could now come to light.
An iPad reportedly used by Khloé ­Kardashian and her then husband, Lamar Odom, is being shopped around by a frontman for a Los Angeles prostitute who allegedly “found” it in a hotel room two years ago. And, according to the seller, who claims to have hacked into the device, it contains loads of “very personal photos and information” concerning the duo — and, possibly by extension, the entire Kardashian clan! Says a source: “I wouldn’t be shocked if someone gets the idea to blackmail the Kardashians by offering them the device for $10 millionor else they’ll leak everything!”
crisis mode
“This couldn’t come at a worse time for Khloé, who’s on top of the world right now,” an insider says. “She looks gorgeous, her TV fitness show has been renewed and her romance with Tristan Thompson is going great. The last thing she wants is for embarrassing emails and incriminating photos to come out.” As for Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian, “If I were them, I’d be frightened out of my wits that the iPad could have devastating ­secrets about the family — or damaging comments they’ve made about other stars that could make them Hollywood outcasts.”
If the tablet is indeed authentic, sources speculate that some of the most startling revelations could involve Lamar’s drug abuse that eventually led to his near fatal overdose at a Nevada brothel in 2015. “Lamar has said Khloé knew about his coke problem as far back as 2011, and two of his mistresses went public later, claiming his drug use was out of control while he was cheating on Khloé with them,” the insider says. “Lamar may have accused the family of doing nothing to help him, which would look terrible for everyone. And God forbid if there are emails where he talks about any of his in-laws having their own secret problems with drugs.”
mommy undearest
Sources say that the one person who would be least likely to emerge unscathed is momager Kris. “Khloé could have slagged her off for exploiting the whole family and ruining everyone’s lives in the process,” the insider says. “And as far as the rumors that Kris would hit on Lamar when she had a few too many, could you imagine if there are saucy email exchanges between them showing that they got flirty with each other — or more? That would be humiliating and heartbreaking for Khloé.”
The insider believes some long-festering sibling rivalries might also be revealed. “Perhaps Khloé sees Kim as a talentless manipulator who always has to be the center of attention. But I would imagine she resents ­Kourtney even more, because everyone thinks she can do no wrong, while Khloé hasn’t gotten that kind of love. And I’m sure there could also be sadness and jealousy over the fact that her sisters have children and she doesn’t.”
Adds the insider: “There is the chance that the report about this iPad could be just another Kardashian publicity stunt aimed at keeping them in the limelight. But if there really is one out there with all the clan’s dirty little secrets, it could be their worst nightmare come true!”