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Another Flop!

Bill O’Reilly Visits Fox News After ‘The Spin Stops Here’ Tour FAIL

The disgraced anchor returned to the news network that fired him to promote his book.

Disgraced newsman Bill O’Reilly‘s head is spinning — after his The Spin Stops Here Tour BOMBED at the box office.

The former FOX star performed his show — a mix of comedy, rants and politics that features Dennis Miller as an opening act — to THOUSANDS of empty seats on Sept. 22 at Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Md.

Now sources are predicting his tour is in big trouble — but the worst casualty in all this mess may be O’Reilly’s enormous ego! “His show was a flop that few people wanted to see,” a source spills.

“Bill isn’t taking it too well and he’s blaming everybody but himself. “He was expecting a sold-out show. He can’t understand why it didn’t happen.” Instead the few ticket holders on hand in the cheap seats were offered free upgrades, says a spy.

“Bill bragged that the ­network made a huge mistake in dismissing him, and that he would bounce back bigger and better than ever,” says the source. “He bounced all right!”

Days after his tour debacle, O’Reilly briefly returned to FOX News — the network that axed him amid allegations of sexual harassment, which he ­continues to deny — appearing as a guest on Sean Hannity‘s show to promote his new book, “Killing England”. And in an interview with Today co-anchor Matt Lauer, the ­hotheaded former host claimed never to have “any complaints filed against me,” and called the charges “a political and financial hit job.”

One industry insider says there’s no way for the sex scandal–tarred newsman to spin the lack of interest in his tour.