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Emmy Frenimies

‘Big Little Lies’ Stars Nicole Kidman & Reese Witherspoon Both Up For Best Actress

But what does that mean for their friendship?

When Nicole Kidman turned 50 on June 20, Reese Witherspoon was among the first of the Aussie’s A-list pals to post adoring birthday wishes to Instagram. But a source says behind the scenes, a battle of the blondes is brewing. “They genuinely did grow close making Big Little Lies,” the source says, “but now that they’re both up for Best Actress Emmys, they can barely look each other in the eye. They’re each desperate to win and take credit for all of the show’s success.” While both actresses executive-produced the popular series, Reese feels she really led the project, the source claims; meanwhile, Nicole believes her intense sex scenes with Alexander Skarsgård were what really drew viewers in.
Adding fuel to the fire is the recent announcement that Reese is teaming with Jennifer Aniston to produce and star in a new HBO sitcom — leaving Nicole feeling snubbed. “Nic would have killed to work on that show with Reese,” the insider says, noting the Oscar winner’s recent comments at a TV panel that she’d love to do comedy but hasn’t been granted the opportunity. “They’d actually discussed it a bit, so when Reese decided to work with Jen instead, Nic was hurt.”
With HBO gearing up to green-light a second season of Big Little Lies, viewers will see just how good these actresses are at pretending to be friends.