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Angelina Jolie Preparing For ‘Bold’ Make-Over Transformation

The actress is sexing up her image in preparation for awards season.

Angelina Jolie is sexing up her image in the run-up to awards season!

“Angelina is getting more aggressive than ever with her fashion choices and social appointments in order to make a maximum impression,” says an insider.

“Especially at events where there’s no chance Brad Pitt or any of his extensive network of Hollywood colleagues will be attending,” an insider revealed.

“This is a good year for Angelina to make this kind of move because she’s a serious contender for Best Foreign Language Film” with First They Killed My Father, said the source.

It also helps that single-mom Jolie, 42, probably won’t have to deal with any awkward Oscar run-ins with her ex.

“Brad’s company is not in contention with a major film as they have been in all three of the previous awards seasons,” noted the insider.

“That’s given Angie the freedom to make bold choices you just don’t see her doing that often, and it’s working, because Angelina is the frontrunner”

“And Netflix is a company willing to spend tens of millions to win its first big Oscar — and it looks like Angelina will be the one to win it for them.” concluded insider.

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