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The Best Free and Fast People Search Engines of 2022

Written in partnership with One World Publishing. Star Magazine is not endorsing the services noted below.

One World

There are many reasons you may want to use people search sites, especially today, where there is a lot of scary news. It can be to find a long-lost relative or friend, verify information that you have on someone, like an employee, neighbor, or tenant, or identify unknown persons and avoid bad situations.

But it is hard to find the right people search engines. As more people turn to these platforms to look for information, so many people finder websites have appeared, and unless you know someone who has used a specific platform before and got results, you have to use the trial-and-error method. To help you on your journey, here are the top trustworthy people search sites in 2022 that we have found to be fast, reliable, and authentic—they are also free!

This one-of-a-kind people search engine helps you find information on a long-lost friend or relative. You can also legally conduct a background check on a new employee, colleague, or your significant other with their phone number, email address, name, or social media handle. has simplified the process of looking for a lost loved one or doing a background check, and even with their name or phone number, you can get information.

You just need to key in the personal information of the other party, and they will show you closely related data from public records. helps you get court records, marital status, sexual offender status, professional license records, and social media accounts.

However, it is important to note that these results will be affected by several factors like available data—more detailed and comprehensive data gives you more information about the person you are looking for. has cemented its spot as one of the leading people finder websites that are super-fast and free. has a loading speed of about one minute.

The platform helps you find a long-lost friend or relative or do background checks on your neighbor, colleagues, or significant other. provides a simple, easy-to-read report that includes someone’s full name and any previous names, relatives, social media accounts, court records, age and date of birth, and educational background.

Need to find someone and don’t know where to start? is a top people search engine that helps you find that person. The website has adopted the latest technologies, making it easier and faster to perform advanced people search and get available data within minutes.

Like and, is also 100% free.

Last on this list, we have is fast, secure, and easy to use, especially if you have difficulty understanding the public records system. Rather than searching through public records, you can use to find information on someone—you just need their first and last name.

However, if the person has a common name, it is best to have other information, like their phone number or address, as it helps you get a more detailed people search result.

It’s no secret that finding people online is now faster and easier. But to get accurate results, the search engines you use play a major role. The above are some of the best free people search engines that are accurate, fast, and reliable and have proven excellent track records.