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Nourish Your Pet with ORIJEN® Pet Food


Credit: Shutterstock

NEW ORIJEN® Wet Cat Food is a super premium pâté topped with succulent shreds and packed with 95%* animal ingredients like poultry and fish. Featuring 80% moisture, it is available in five recipes, including one for kittens, and is just the nourishment your fearless feline needs.


For your pooch, ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS™ dog food features 90%** premium animal ingredients as well as a high-quality blend of oats, quinoa and chia to support digestive health. These nutrient-dense ingredients provide the protein, vitamins and minerals your dog needs to thrive. Nourish your dog completely with the amazing animal protein and quality grains found in ORIJEN AMAZING GRAINS™ dog food.


Whether you’re a cat lover or dog lover, follow ORIJEN on Instagram: @ORIJENPetfood or Facebook: @ORIJENPetFoods

*Exclusive of water; approximate value **Approximate and derived from the unprocessed state of the ingredients