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At Just 24, Viral Podcaster JetSet is Now One of the Highest Paid internet Marketers in the World

Written in partnership with Ascend Agency

In the most unlikely places, success can be found. Even the most well-known businesspeople in the world had humble beginnings. However, most of us only see their success. Unbeknownst to the general public, the most successful businesspeople had to overcome numerous obstacles to get to where they are now.

Josh King Madrid is all too aware of this. He had to make a lot of difficult choices after early college dropout. But he prevailed as one of the most celebrated Internet marketing experts the world has ever seen thanks to grit, passion, and determination.


JetSet, formerly known as JetSetFly, recalls a time when his father taught him the ropes when asked about when his entrepreneurial journey actually got started. He learned how to purchase beanies from China at wholesale prices when his father gave him a $15 loan when he was in the second grade. “He instructed me to purchase them, sell them to children at my school, pay him back, and then use the proceeds to purchase the toys and clothes I desired for myself. I did.” Madrid confessed.

Along with the other kids, he attended school and an after-school winter camp while also selling all the beanies for $5. He discovered his love of entrepreneurship at that precise time. Since that time, he has come to realize that with the right information, unrelenting motivation, and a flawless work ethic, he can achieve anything he sets his mind to.

“That small success has motivated me to reach every objective in my life, including those related to sports, relationships, wealth, and, most importantly, impact. Years would pass before I would fully understand how that one particular event had elevated my inner confidence and influence abilities by leading me down a path of ongoing self-improvement. No matter how big or small something may be, I believe it is crucial to view it as a victory in life. You’ll never accept a defeat once you develop the habit of winning. Simply put, things will start to always work in your favor,” according to JetSetFly.

In 2016, he was formally introduced to internet marketing by a friend. Without a second’s hesitation, he jumped right into the field. Once he understood the ideas, his friend who created the original technology that revolutionized the way goods and services were sold on Instagram got in touch with him. His friend would go on to invent the world’s first-ever Instagram DM Automation Chatbot, a cutting-edge piece of technology that has completely changed the marketing sector.

Years before this technology was made available to the general public, JetSetFly became its first beta tester. Together, they developed, tested, and mastered dozens of new marketing campaigns during that time, learning how to consistently launch viral ads with over 90% opt-in rates. With only half the expense, they were able to quadruple the sales of our brands.


JetSet and 8-figure 2 comma club click funnel award winner Colin Wayne, CEO of Redline Steel

Since then, he has stopped using all other types of marketing and has only used Instagram DM Automation to produce over $10 million in sales and several hundred thousand leads. By this time, JetSet had a sizable social media following and had accumulated more than 500,000 followers overall. He continued, “It would have cost me multiple millions of dollars to get those same results using traditional online advertising and marketing strategies without the opportunity to learn and access his tech.”

Today, JetSet is most known for converting leads to sales through viral product campaigns. He has made more than $20 million online, which has given him a sterling reputation in the field and a sizable following. At the moment, his main priorities are developing his personal brand, producing podcasts and useful content to share with his followers. By the time he turned 21 years old, JetSet had already spoke on stages alongside billionaires, Fortune 500 CEOs, top motivational speakers, and the biggest names in the social media industry, including Eric Thomas the Hip-Hop Preacher, Andy Frisella, and Tai Lopez.

Josh King Madrid has made great strides since first entering the business world. He went from having no assets and dropping out of college to earning his first million at the age of 19. There is no doubt that the firebrand businessman is just getting started, and it will be interesting to see where he is in a few years.