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How Orbit CEO Romain Prevost is Changing the Crypto Industry

Written in partnership with Runway Influence

Cryptocurrency, or crypto, is any digital currency that leverages blockchain technology for secure transactions. Unlike the traditional banking industry, these digital currencies don’t have a central governing authority but rely on a decentralized system to record all transactions. Since the introduction of Bitcoin, one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, back in 2010, the industry has received tremendous growth despite widespread mixed reactions. The industry has also attracted diverse investors and developers who continue to impact change.

Romain Prevost, or Monk as he is popularly known, is one of the entrepreneurs and investors shaping the industry. Monk is the co-founder, co-owner, and CEO of Orbit, a leading firm creating an entire ecosystem of products designed to provide holders with opportunities to create multiple income streams with high levels of passive income from the OrbitFund with various presale investment opportunities through our launchpad, whilst allowing use of advanced on-chain data analytics tool to assist investors in making smarter, more informed decisions.

Andromeda is designed to allow people to trade on the platform easily. Orbit will offer them a launchpad so they can invest in new projects. In addition, Monk allows for access to his trading community, enabling users to supercharge their trading position. Scheduled to go live soon, Orbit has proved to be a revolutionary firm that is going to change the industry to benefit traders.

However, launching Orbit has not been an easy task for Monk. The company immediately became a target for thousands of bots when it launched. These attacks were driven by traders who wanted to make money from the new coin and Monk’s business rivals, who tried to destroy the company with waves of bot attacks.

Monk says it was a step-by-step process to stop the bot attacks and fix the problems they created. To minimize the damage, he relaunched the Andromeda coin and reissued the new coin to his 10,000-plus followers while redesigning the entire website. He has also been working around the clock to combat each attack and immediately rectify the problems.

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On the other side of this, Monk says the biggest issue facing the crypto industry is its lack of adoption in traditional marketplaces. He states that people still find it difficult to understand the space easily, and crypto still faces opposition from governments that do not want to lose their power over the monetary system. He adds that governments block crypto from growing by making it very complicated for users to use it. As a result, a small percentage of people use it, and you can’t buy anything with crypto. Currently, crypto traders are just betting on wider adoption of crypto in the future.

An industrious investor, Monk aspires to grow Andromeda into a multi-billion dollar project. He is currently on track to have a market capitalization of more than $1 billion within the next six months. Monk also has several other projects he’d like to launch, including continually producing new products through the launchpad on his trading platform. He sees Orbit continuing to grow its market share exponentially.