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Blu Atlas Review: Men’s Simple Guide to Skincare

Blu Atlas

Gone are the days of men showering with a body wash/shampoo combo and ignoring the rest of their skincare needs. From pollutants in the air to the daunting barrage of men’s skincare product ads, it can be difficult to find the right products to achieve healthy, youthful skin. 

Fortunately, finding the right products is simple when you know what brands to trust, which is why we wanted to highlight Blu Atlas, a newer skincare brand that’s made impressive strides in natural skincare.

Blu Atlas: A Premium All-Natural Skincare Brand for Men 

Blu Atlas is a premium brand without a luxury price tag, and it’s helping to change the face of skincare for men. With clean ingredients and products geared toward the unique needs of male skin, any guy can have smooth, incredible skin without a massive investment of time and money. 

The clean ingredients and sustainable packaging are a huge plus for the brand. They sustainably source their ingredients in the U.S., and all of their products are made in New York.

Best of all, the formulas for their products are all backed by reputable dermatologists, so you know the products are effective and safe. 

Though the brand is generally marketed towards men, women can use their high-quality products too. And without artificial fragrances, no one will know the difference. 

With all of that said, let’s take a closer look at their offerings. Here is our Blu Atlas review.

Blu Atlas Body Wash 

Blu Atlas

There’s something luxurious about this body wash infused with green tea, sugar cane, and aloe vera, naturally exfoliating the skin and cleaning out pores. The green tea is also fantastic for moisturizing skin and leaving a brighter complexion. Coco-caprylate is another crucial ingredient because it’s a natural emollient, making your skin feel softer and smoother with increased skin elasticity to prevent or reduce signs of aging. 

Blu Atlas Deodorant

Blu Atlas

It can be difficult to find a great deodorant, especially if you’re investing in one that contains all-natural ingredients. The challenge is finding an effective product without aluminum that doesn’t irritate your under-arm skin and doesn’t wear off in just a few hours. Blu Atlas’s naturally formulated deodorant accomplishes just that, soaking up sweat and removing odors without drying out the skin. 

The key ingredient is bentonite, a compound in volcanic ash that is extremely absorbent. It’s also great for neutralizing odors. Along with coco-caprylate, it rids your skin of excess oils and dead skin cells, leaving your armpits feeling smoother and minimizing pores to prevent ingrown hairs or chafing. 

Facial Care Products 

Of all the skin on your body, your face is the most sensitive. It’s also the most likely to dry out, break out, become excessively oily, and show premature signs of aging. It’s also the part of you that people see the most, and you want it to look and feel great at all times! 

Blu Atlas’s facial skincare products are perfect for those who want a quick, easy, and highly effective solution to their skincare needs. Here are a few of their best products: 

Blu Atlas Face Cleanser

Blu Atlas

The most important part of caring for your face is keeping it clean. But it’s essential to use a cleanser specifically made for your skin type. Blu Atlas’s facial cleanser uses volcanic ash to detoxify and gently exfoliate all types of skin. It cleans out your pores and offers a deep clean that lasts all day. Most importantly, it helps to balance out your skin’s pH levels, which helps to reduce oil and sebum production to prevent future breakouts. 

Blu Atlas’s facial cleanser also contains a unique ingredient called lactobacillus ferment filtrate that has a soothing effect, cooling and easing the skin. Plus, it helps to protect your skin from further pollutants and damage by boosting your skin’s moisture barrier and microbiome. 

Blu Atlas Face Moisturizer

Blu Atlas

While Blu Atlas’s facial cleanser is excellent at preventing moisture loss, you should always follow up with a good moisturizer. Blu Atlas’s facial moisturizer uses vitamin C, seaweed, and mango seed butter to boost your skin’s protective barrier and protect it from UV rays and air pollution. It can even save your skin from screen blue light! 

Seaweed is a fantastic hydrating ingredient as well. It’s been used for centuries to exfoliate and brighten dull skin. It’s also an antioxidant that can help chase away damaging free radicals. 

Blu Atlas Exfoliating Scrub 

Blu Atlas

Once or twice a week, it’s wise to use an exfoliating scrub to deeply clean pores, remove dead skin cells, eradicate impurities, and brighten your skin’s appearance. With natural ingredients like hibiscus, jojoba oil, and bamboo, this exfoliating scrub will deliver just that. 

Hibiscus is a great-smelling antioxidant to protect your skin from the most damage. Then, jojoba oil adds essential vitamins and fatty acids to help balance out your skin and nourish it. Finally, bamboo is an effective anti-inflammatory with antibiotic properties. It can improve your skin’s overall cleanliness and reduce inflammation, dark spots, redness, and acne. 

Using this scrub once or twice a week will make a considerable difference in your skin’s health and appearance. 

Blu Atlas Mask

Blu Atlas

When it comes to skincare, there are a few essentials: cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing.  What many forget to include in their regimen, however, is a purifying face mask, but this often overlooked step is one you won’t regret. 

The Blue Atlas Mask helps to remove impurities and dirt while boosting your skin’s moisture barrier, making it a great choice for those with dry skin. Kaolin clay, goji berry, and algae help unclog pores, balance sebum production, tighten pores, chase free radicals, and nourish your skin. 

Shave Products 

Every man knows the perils of shaving. This might be why so many men have taken to growing thick beards—so they don’t have to pick up a razor anymore. 

Some men have sensitive skin that makes shaving a hassle, but others might simply be using the wrong products. You can take many steps to improve your shave, from exfoliating to using a sharp razor. But prepping your skin with a quality shave cream and following it up with a good aftershave makes a world of difference. 

Let’s take a closer look at Blue Atlas’s line of shaving products to see how they stack up. 

Blu Atlas Shave Cream

Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas’s calming and soothing shave cream allows for a close shave that reduces nicks and cuts. The magic is found in anti-inflammatory ingredients like tocopheryl acetate and coco-caprylate. These ingredients have incredibly calming effects on the skin, and they can help fight skin damage. As a result, your skin’s natural inflammation will decrease, creating less resistance for your razor and fewer nicks and ingrown hairs. 

And you don’t need to use much product to get a smooth shave. A thin layer minimizes the chafing of the razor to reduce irritation and redness significantly. If you struggle with the burn and irritation of shaving, give Blu Atlas’s shave cream a try, and experience the difference it can make for you! 

Blu Atlas Aftershave 

Aftershave can often get a bad rap because most aftershaves were alcohol-based for years. A typical aftershave would temporarily shrink pores’ appearance, but it often stung, smelled way too strong, and dried out the skin, leading to more problems with the next shave. That’s not a problem with the Blu Atlas Aftershave. 

Rather than drying out the skin, it restores moisture and calms irritation with shea butter and aloe, both of which are well-known for locking moisture into the skin and soothing the burn. It also contains rose water, which promotes healing, specifically targeting cuts, burns, inflammation, and even scars. 

Specialty Skin Treatment

Occasionally, you need a quality specialty treatment to handle unique skincare problems, and Blu Atlas has a couple of great options. 

Blu Atlas Vitamin C Serum

Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas’s Vitamin C Serum is a specialty product that can help smooth out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of dark spots, redness, and even scars. It’s made for the face, but you can use it anywhere that needs correction. 

You’ll see naturally-derived ingredients rich in vitamin C in this serum, particularly ascorbic acid, which is basically powdered vitamin C. Mulberry root and aloe are also rich in vitamins and antioxidant properties to help fade discoloration, reduce inflammation, and cool irritation. 

Blu Atlas Eye Stick 

Blu Atlas

Here’s another optional product that we found to be highly effective if you want to improve your daily appearance and minimize signs of aging. This product is a liquid serum that you apply with a roller ball to treat dark circles and puffy eyes. 

Algae, ascorbic acid, and coffee are the hero ingredients here. They’re natural antioxidants, and the caffeine from the coffee instantly perks up tired eyes. It can also help to prevent future skin damage.  

Our Recommendation: The Blu Atlas Skincare Starter Kit 

You really can’t go wrong with the skincare line offered at Blu Atlas, but you probably don’t want to buy up every product until you know you like the brand. So our recommendation is to get the Blu Atlas Skincare Starter Kit.

Blu Atlas

Written in partnership with Grooming Playbook.