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Influencer Pia Theissen is Fighting for Her Dreams

Written in partnership with Ascend.

Pia Theissen

As the world has changed drastically in the last few years. Gender equality was a difficult topic to discuss and even taboo in many cultures. However, women of the 21st century have come far in their journey to fight discrimination and patriarchy.

One of these resilient, passionate, and dedicated young women is Pia Theissen. She has been working on making her dreams a reality to establish an online career of her own. Pia is a model and a fitness and travel influencer. Her online content is loved and supported by a growing audience.

Recently, a TikTok video went viral and showed the Mexican police pulling Pia over and had mistaken her for Lana Rhoades who is an adult film actress. People tried to correct the story and felt it had tainted her personality. Since that viral video, she has showcased her talents by posting content online. This was a tough situation for Pia but she came out stronger than ever. She is an up-and-coming talent and holds herself in high regard.

She is working on her goals every day. One of these includes helping at least 1,000 women look and feel their best.  She has been working on publishing her diet plan, cookbook, and fitness program, which some fans jokingly called the Pia Plan. She believes that her journey can be motivating for many women who have the potential to chase their lifelong dreams.

Pia Theissen

Pia is one of the most courageous people as she has been able to start a new life for herself. At the age of only 23, she has been able to make difficult yet fruitful decisions for her future. She left her life, family, and friends behind in Germany to pursue a career in international modeling. Pia has had the honor of getting interviewed by some of the world’s top modeling agencies.

The 23-year-old dreamer followed her parent’s advice and graduated as an occupational therapist from the University of the Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) in Cologne, Germany. But shortly after working as a therapist, she realized that her passion was not in occupational therapy at all but in modeling and being an online influencer. Pia then made the most courageous and liberating decision to find another career. She looked to the internet to chase her dreams.

Pia has understood that confidence is the key and that’s how she’ll be able to reach her dreams. Her self-confidence has increased greatly and has resulted in a better lifestyle for her. Pia believes that she is a truly creative artist at heart and always appreciates it too.

Fearless and passionate women like Pia are role models for many women across the globe. Her journey is extremely inspiring for many young and aspiring models or artists who feel like a misfit in this world. She strongly believes that anyone can make it happen if they are willing to invest the effort and time.