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How Taking Risks Led Enzo Savio Cusumano to the Top

Written in partnership with Ascend.

Being a risk-taker is one of the common attributes amongst the most successful business people. These people have a considerable appetite for risk that allows them to venture into diverse fields. For a majority, the motivating factor can be the investment’s underlying potential, which is always superior to the risks involved. Nevertheless, the most rewarding opportunities are in high-risk ventures, and unless you are ready to try, you can never hope to achieve success.

Born in Italy, Enzo Savio Cusumano is one of the successful entrepreneurs known for taking risks. He is a seasoned businessman and the founder of All in One City, a travel company. He has also established and sold many other companies in diverse sectors. Having started in sales and networking, Enzo has a rich understanding of the business world, and he often shares his skills to empower others. He also has a deep understanding of the crypto markets.


Enzo’s success may make some people mistakenly think he inherited all his businesses from family. This is certainly not the truth; Enzo has earned all that he has today through hard work, determination, and risk-taking. When he moved to Germany, Enzo did not have a degree or a job offer. He survived by doing several odd jobs, from washing dishes to construction work and cleaning cars. But with a vision of what he wanted to achieve, Enzo would dedicate a few resources to studying. Enzo enrolled and achieved a high school diploma and then furthered his education and training to qualify to become a Management Assistant for Insurance and Finance.

Though Enzo had established a promising career in the insurance field with impressive results, he became bored with the job and wanted to start something new. His new goal was to venture into entrepreneurship. This was a risky move but one that Enzo was ready to take in the quest for more success.

“I threw myself directly into self-employment without a fixed salary or existing customers. I set up sales structures in several consulting companies, and after almost nine years in Germany, I immigrated to Dubai to take on new challenges.” Enzo explains

In Dubai, Enzo founded All in One City and other companies that he has already sold. Enzo was able to generate his first millions through the companies he founded and the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies. Not only was he now a multi-millionaire, but he has been able to help other people become millionaires. This was possible as Enzo has been sharing his knowledge and expertise with others.

“What makes me special is that I have always taken an open and honest position on the outside and have never pretended to be different in front of the camera. This has the advantage that many young people can identify with me.” Enzo adds

In the next few years, All in One City will have grown into a brand taking over the tourism industry. Enzo wants to publish his own book and be an inspiration for many people. His goal is to share his experiences and encourage young people and be brave entrepreneurs.