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Is ‘Green Lotus Hemp’ Legit? – A Real Tested CBD Brand Spotlight Review

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This article was originally published on Real Tested CBD. To view the original article and review, click here.


When it comes to describing the CBD industry and the amount of choices available today in 2021, endless is a good place to start. With the growth of the market and the boom in CBD brands, finding a high quality product may not mean just picking at random. Buying CBD online can be simple, if you know the right places to look.

CBD is one of many naturally occurring compounds found in hemp and cannabis plants. It can interact directly with the human body’s endocannabinoid system to help restore balance. Utilizing a high quality CBD product is key to reaping the potential therapeutic benefits.


To make sure you are getting the best products on the market, fact-checking with third-party lab test results is the only way to ensure a legitimate CBD purchase. Real Tested CBD is a leading name in the world of CBD product reviews and independent lab testing. We give you everything you need to know before buying CBD online, from pesticide and solvent test results to potency and label claim fact-checking. Turn to Real Tested CBD and our expert scorecard rating system to get the best CBD product for individual needs, in just about any form you can think of. Today we bring you a few products from Green Lotus Hemp, and we think you’ll like what you see just as much as we enjoyed testing these products:


“Green Lotus Hemp is a premium hemp oil products brand founded by Texas-natives in 2016.

We’re veteran-owned and powered by a diverse team dedicated to promoting a world where the healing power of hemp is accessible to all people.” – Green Lotus™ Hemp


Green Lotus Hemp – Real Tested CBD Review


Green Lotus Premium Hemp Pet Tincture


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If you are looking for a great CBD oil to try for your pets, turn to Green Lotus’s Premium Hemp Pet Tincture. This CBD oil has plenty of the rare cannabinoids we like to see, and in a dose ideal for smaller animals. This full-spectrum oil tested accurately to the label claim of 100mg of CBD, and passed pesticide and solvent tests with flying colors. This CBD oil is ranked in our top 15 Best CBD Oils For Pets category.



Green Lotus Premium Hemp Oil Topical


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If you are looking for a CBD topical salve, this a good choice for you. Green Lotus Premium Hemp Oil Topical comes in an easy squeeze tube and tested for around 15mg over the label claim. This is an isolate product so there are no rare cannabinoids present and no entourage effect. This CBD topical ranks with in our top 5 products in the Best CBD Salves category.


Green Lotus Premium Hemp Oil Tincture


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Last we have Green Lotus Premium Hemp Oil Tincture in a delicious mint flavor. This CBD oil appears to be an isolate product because it only contains CBD and none of the rare cannabinoids we like to see from a full hemp extract. However, this oil did test spot on for CBD milligram amount and we still give it a recommended review. If you are looking for a THC-free oil, this could be an ideal choice for you.


Green Lotus Hemp – Real Tested CBD Takeaways


When it comes to purchasing CBD products, there are countless options and consumption methods. Ensuring the reliability of these products is the key to getting something safe and effective. Green Lotus Hemp is a high-quality and reliable choice for CBD, with accurate labels passed pesticide/solvent tests, we recommended Green Lotus Hemp for anyone interested in trying CBD for themselves of for their furry friend.


When you are shopping for a legit CBD product, always turn to third-party lab test results and reviews to ensure potency, purity, and overall quality. For more Real Tested CBD brand spotlights, click here.


** This article was last updated on 1/17/2021 **