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One of the chicest nail trends this spring is a nude pedicure with a touch of gold.  Luckily, this subtle yet glamorous look is easy to create at home.


Step 1. Gather Your Gear

You can get gold leafing at any craft store; you’ll also need nude polish, tweezers, top coat and a few pedicure tools.


Step 2. Prep

Just like in the salon, a great pedicure starts with preparation. We found four tools from Japonesque that are perfect for the job.


JAPONESQUE® Power Duo Nipper and Clipper are hand-sharpened for precision. Trim and shape your nails with the clipper and remove cuticles and hangnails with the nipper. $13.99

Japonesque Power Duo



JAPONESQUE® Glamour Salon Boards have a medium grit and padded surface so they’re gentle on natural nails as they shape and smooth edges and ridges. Always file nails when dry for smooth edges. File from corner of nail to center, in one direction. $3.99

Japonesque Glamour Boards


JAPONESQUE® Velvet Touch Foot Smoother. Beautiful toes aren’t complete without soft feet. Smooth and soften even the toughest callouses with the Velvet Touch Foot Smoother. The rasp side removes callous while the pumice side smooths and softens. $8.99.

Japonesque Foot Smoother2

JAPONESQUE® Luxe Precision Slant Tweezer. A good tweezer is ideal for applying gold foil to wet polish without smudging the color. $10.99

Japonesque Slant Tweezers


Step 3. Choose Your Nude

Choosing nude polish is a lot like shopping for foundation. A nude polish that matches your nail bed will most likely match your skin tone.


• Fair skin and cool undertones: Choose a nude polish with a hint of pink, as it offsets any redness in the skin or cuticles.

• Medium skin tones: Most nudes are flattering, but if your skin has yellow undertones, you should avoid polish with a yellow undertone.


Step 4. Applying Gold Leafing

While the second coat of nude nail polish is still wet, use a tweezer to apply pieces of gold foil trimmed to size.

Gold Leafing

Step 5. Top It Off

A good top coat ensures that your polish stays vibrant and shiny for much longer and is less prone to chipping or cracking.

Clear nail polish

All Japonesque products mentioned above are available at Target or Discover more inspiration on Instagram @Japonesque