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Amazing New Evidence

‘World’s Most Shocking Assassinations’ Special Issue On Newsstands Today

Read new details about history's most celebrated — and notorious — targets of murder.

Worlds most shocking assassinations special issue star

“Murder most foul!”

Those words, written by William Shakespeare to describe the killing of a king in Hamlet, are as true today as they were in the 16th century.

As a culture, we seemed to have always been transfixed by assassinations of famous figures, and irresistibly drawn to the gruesome details about the crimes and the evil, twisted men, and women who commit them.

As for their victims, whether adored or reviled, their sudden, violent end still leaves us stunned and desperate to understand exactly what happened.

In this special issue, we present history’s most celebrated — and notorious — targets of murder, from Jesus to JFK to Mussolini to Gaddafi, and the events that have been seared into our consciousness.

Indulge your assassination fascination!

World’s Most Shocking Assassinations special collector’s issue is available to buy now! Click here!