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Sorry, Zendaya!

Boyfriend Tom Holland Has The Hots For His Much Older Costar, Marisa Tomei

‘She’s old enough to be his mother,' a source says.

OUR Spidey senses are tingling! Spider-Man: Homecoming stud Tom Holland has got the hots for his costar Marisa Tomei, a spy tells Star.“Tom is always asking Marisa out. He thinks she has a lot more to offer than girls his age,” reveals a source close to the 21-year-old actor, who recently brushed off rumors of a romance with castmate Zendaya on the promo tour. “Of course, Marisa just laughs it off and reminds him that she’s old enough to be his mother.”
While Marisa was “horrified” to learn she would play arthritic Aunt May, the actress, 52, looked more like a svelte “big sister” than a dowdy old widow on the big screen.“There’s no doubt Marisa looks amazing and the attention is flattering, but there’s no way she would get involved with Tom,” says the spy. “That hasn’t stopped him from trying though.” With great power comes great… rejection?