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Summer Style

Microblading Might Be The Best Beauty Trend Of 2017 & Here’s Why

Microblading eyebrows star

Credit: Getty Images

Taking life cues from Bella Thorne might not always be the best play. (See: Scott Disick.)

But the 18-year-old proved herself to be ahead of the beauty curve last spring when she took the leap to get microblading on her eyebrows. Fans freaked out at first, turned off by the idea of tattooing ON YOUR FACE. But more than a year later, the results speak for themselves, and more and more celebrities are jumping on the microblading bandwagon. (Bachelor star Carly Waddell just rocked her own microbladed brows at her Mexican wedding!)

We’re here to tell you that microblading may not be what you think – and definitely could be the beauty fix to change your life this summer.

First things first: These are NOT your grandma’s eyebrow tattoos.

Kendra Bray, founder and owner of Better Brows NYC explains, “Microblading is performed with a hand tool, rather than a machine like traditional eyebrow tattoos.”

“The hand tool is not going as deep into the skin as a machine would, so it is not permanent,” she continues. “We are also able to achieve more detail with a hand tool than a machine, which is how we get the hair-like strokes.”

What’s more, pigmentation has come a LONG way in recent years, so the pros can almost perfectly match your natural hair color.

If you’re nervous about the potential results, Kendra says, “Look at before and after pictures of the artist’s work!”

Check out some of her best work here:

The initial shaping process takes about two hours, during which the pro takes precise measurements of your facial structure to develop a brow that’s best for you.

A numbing cream is applied before the actual blading begins, so it’s a pretty painless procedure.

(Full disclosure: Kendra crafted an impeccable pair or brows for us, and the biggest side effect was sneezing!)

You’ll need to care for your new look after application, but after a final touch-up a few weeks into you’re healing, you’ll be good to go, and loving life with your new brows.

It’s pricier than an eyebrow pencil, but take our word for it: It is SO worth it.

Not only can the process help fill out pale or sparse brows, but the best part is, as Kendra explains, they “last longer than the next time you wash your face!”

To find out more on the process, check out Kendra here or look for a microblader near you!