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Scientology Feud!

Leah Remini To Tom Cruise: So Sue Me!

It's pretty CLEAR that this isn't GOING well.

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GUTSY sitcom star Leah Remini is daring Scientology poster boy Tom Cruise and other church brass to sue her for publicly slamming the controlling cult in her blistering docu-series.

The 46-year-old former member, who played Kevin James’ wife in the hit sitcom The King of Queens, says she’d welcome a lawsuit — because then she could force cult kingpins to reveal their most sinister secrets.

“Why do I wish they would? Because they’d have to be deposed … I’d have to be deposed, and so we’d get some real information out,” she says.

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Furious church honchos are enraged about the series, Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, on the A&E channel, which reveals bullying and abuse of current and former members.

And Tom hasn’t uttered a peep in defense of his beloved space-alien religion.

“Tom remains Scientology’s biggest prize … more and more people are asking, ‘When is he going to address these allegations of abuse?’ ” expert Tony Ortega says.

Leah says the explosive revelations on the series are “true or they would’ve sued the crap out of every single one of us.”

She’s even taken her fight to the church by demanding it pay her $1.5 million for allegations made against her.

But church bigwigs claim they owe her nothing because they have a “First Amendment right to respond to her false claims with the truth.”

Ortega says Leah’s series is tarnishing Tom. “As long as he is the face of Scientology, he is going to be the symbol of everything wrong with it,” he says.

“Why isn’t he doing anything to address the issues of the church? This series is very bad for him.”

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