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Sip, Sip, Hooray: Oscar-Inspired Cocktails

Hosting an Oscar bash this Sunday night? You may need some liquid courage to get through the drama of Hollywood’s biggest night. Read on for red carpet-worthy cocktails from Carey Reilly of Not So Skinny Mom that are inspired by the biggest flicks of the year!


If you love: The Martian

Red planet = red wine! Matt Damon probably wouldn’t have minded being stuck in space with one of these Merlot spritzers in his hand.

The Martian

-6 oz red wine

-2 oz Sprite

-Wedge of lemon

The Martian[1]


If you loved: Brooklyn

The tale of struggling Irish immigrants in New York isn’t always the most uplifting tale. But hey, anything is cheerful after you’ve downed enough whiskey sours!

Whiskey Sour

-1.5 Whiskey or Bourbon

-.75 oz lemon juice

-.75 simple syrup

Brooklyn Whiskey Sour


If you loved: Bridge of Spies

Work on your Russian accent as you sip this drink inspired by Tom Hank’s film is about Cold War spies. But since picturing winter in Mother Russia sends a shiver down our spine, we put a Riviera twist on the classic Moscow Mule by using Figenza Fig Vodka instead.

Mediterranean Mule 

-2 oz of Figenza Vodka

-4-6 oz Ginger Beer

-Half lime

Mediterranean Mule



If you love: MadMax: Fury Road

If you identify with Mad Max–an outlaw with a heart of gold who could seriously use a refreshing beverage–then belly up to these ultra easy margaritas, the prefered beverage of baddies and pirates. We think. Just go with it. Keurig’s Kold beverage now makes cocktails letting you whip these babies up quicker than you can say “Tom Hardy marry me!”


-1 pod Keurig Kold Ritas & Tina’s Margarita Mixer

-2 oz chilled tequila

-Half fresh lime to taste

Mad Max Margarita[1]


If you love: The Big Short

Light a cigar with a Benjamin and sip on the ultimate NYC drink, a Cosmo!


Not So Skinny Mom’s Cosmopolitan

-1.5 oz of vodka

-.5 ounce of triple sec

-1 oz of cranberry juice

-1/2 fresh squeezed lime

Big Short Cosmo[1]