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Fitness Secrets! Celebrity Trainer Jorge Cruise Reveals 3 Tips Everyone Must Know


Credit: Getty Images

World-renowned celebrity fitness trainer Jorge Cruise shares three thoughtful fitness and nutrition tips that can be found in his latest book Tiny & Full.

Jorge has trained the likes of Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Chrissy Teigen and many more A-listers!

“As a celebrity fitness trainer, I’ve worked with a ton of people in the industry that are really naïve in the fact that they believe that all exercise and fitness is about hitting the gym as hard as you can,” Jorge tells Star. “But what I’m most known for is my belief that fitness begins in the kitchen!”

Developing on his fitness philosophy Jorge shares, “You can never out train a poor diet! A poor diet meaning a diet that is high calorie and low density. The goal is always to eat a high volume and low calorie diet.

“Everyone thinks that exercise is the magical thing that allows us to eat a pizza every night, but you just cannot do that—fitness and health boils down to the calories consumed.”

Tip #1: Fitness starts in the kitchen.

“Fitness is all about calories that you consume. My book Tiny & Fit really emphasizes that fitness starts in the kitchen. Weight loss is all about the calorie. If you want to maximize health and fitness it’s all about calorie and you must create a caloric deficit to ensure weight-loss and get fit!

“Clients are always floored when they find out that they have to eat healthy to achieve a great body. I always tell people that you have to eat, exercise and think right.

“The extra weight you put on through extra calories consumed hurts your heart, cardiovascular health, makes you feel less confident, puts pressure on joints and much more.”

Tip #2: Eat foods high in volume, low in calories.

“The best way to have a tiny waistline and never feel empty on the inside is by eating foods high in volume and low in calories. Many people think they have to starve in order to lose weight and look chic. If you can eat a plant based diet in the morning, because they are very low in calories and high in volume. Plant-based diets are incredibly low in calories and high in volume, high antioxidants and high water content which is beneficial to energy creation.”

Tip #3: Protein in the morning.

“My clients never get enough protein in the morning, which is often the case of plant-based diets. Many women are convinced that they need to consume whey and soy protein powders, because that’s what they’ve seen body builders typically consume, but there is a vegetable protein powder options that are healthier for women.”

“Protein powder can be incorporated into a smoothie, energy bowl or oatmeal, which allows for suppressing appetite and maintains muscle tissue. Basically, you start the day off with a very filling breakfast that fills you up till the afternoon.

“For lunch and dinner I advise my clients to consider incorporating animal based proteins, which will provide you with HUGE results. That way my clients are eating low calorie food in the morning, lunch and dinner are also plant based, but you can add animal proteins and voila you have a tiny and full type of experience.”

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