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Blair Brandt Reveals How Relationships, Competition And More Will Shake Up His Real Estate Office On ABC Family’s Next Step Realty: NYC

Blair brandt next step realty

As CEO of Next Step Realty, Blair Brandt helps young adults find the New York City apartment of their dreams. But from the cutthroat real estate industry to the in-office drama between his employees, his task is easier said than done!

On ABC Family’s new reality series, Next Step Realty, employees of Brandt’s startup battle over promotions, get involved in controversial relationships and more must-see drama!

Brandt exclusively gave the scoop on all of the jaw-dropping moments viewers will see and how the show will inspire young adults to follow their big city dreams.

Tell us about the show, Next Step Realty.

Blair Brandt: It’s a great mix of what it really takes to be at a startup and make a company grow out of nothing into something. It also covers a lot of the personal dynamics and inner workings of the office that also unfold when you’re moving in a fast-paced environment. It’s really a great story about startups and entrepreneurs, but it’s also a great story about young people graduating from college or people that are newcomers to New York City moving here, following their dreams, renting and what goes into that as well.

What are some challenges your staff faces daily in the real estate market?

BB: The employees and agents face different types of challenges. For the agents, it’s a commission-based business. It’s very, very competitive because there are thousands of brokers in New York City and it’s hard to capture great clients. Not only are they competing with agents at every other firm in New York City, but also within our firm. As employees, there are a lot of responsibilities. The average age of our corporate staff is about 26 to 27 years old. It’s a lot of disagreements, egos and personalities that are rubbing up against each other in that process so that’s what really makes it entertaining.

What is one of the most dramatic moments from the season?

BB: One of the most dramatic moments is when I picked Managing Broker. I announce that we will have someone who will be promoted to manage the other brokers from within the broker group. That also involves me demoting someone at the same time.

What could you tell us about some of your employees? In the previews, it seems Erin holds the power, while David is having some trouble in the industry.

BB: Erin does have the most powerful position, other than mine, in the firm because she gets all the clients and she decides whom they go to. David struggles with communication, responsibility and organizing himself. You see him have trouble competing and performing against the other agents. There’s a bunch of characters that each have their own demons. Watching them try to overcome those is very interesting, dramatic and entertaining.

How is your new relationship with Margit a major storyline of the show?

BB: As the boss and you’re dating someone in the company, the other people in the company will wonder, is his judgment going to be affected by this relationship or not? The viewers will have to wait and see what kind of decisions I make with that new dynamic in play.

Why should our readers check out Next Step Realty and how does the show relate to all viewers, especially young adults?

BB: The show is about following your dreams, going to the big city and finding an apartment with a good broker in this case. This covers the old dynamic of what it takes to graduate from college, start a business and see it explode and grow in a very short period of time. For the entrepreneurial-minded people, it’s going to be very interesting. For the real estate-minded people, it’s very interesting to see the real estate market, the apartments, the homes and the transactions. For young adults thinking about or who have recently made the transition, it’ll be a lot to relate to and a lot to look forward to. I really think it is aspirational and relatable TV.

The series premiere of Next Step Realty: NYC airs Tuesday, August 11th at 9pm ET/PT.

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