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Britney Spears Forced Into Rehab!

Britney Spears Rehab

Credit: Picture by: Splash News

Britney Spears appears to have flourished under the legal conservatorship of her father, Jamie, but behind the scenes, the pop superstar is falling apart! Under constant pressure from her dad to perform and bring in more money, the “Work B–ch” singer sought help from prescription drugs — and Star has learned that she secretly entered rehab late last year after becoming addicted.

“Her dad forced her into rehab because she was overdosing on a drug called Vyanse,” says a source, who was being treated at Summit Malibu rehab facility the same time Britney was admitted — between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. “She said she’d initially been prescribed it for ADHD but that she’d severely upped the dosage. She made it clear that if she wasn’t taking it, she didn’t think she’d be able to perform in her Las Vegas show.”

Exhausted from her ongoing residency at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas and heartbroken over discovering that her then boyfriend David Lucado had been cheating on her, Britney longed to take a break…but her father wouldn’t let her. She began abusing the pills out of desperation — and a desire to escape Jamie’s controlling ways. “She makes no choices on her own — and it was obvious during group therapy that it really gets to her,” the insider explains.

Besides just controlling every aspect of her finances, Jamie also keeps Britney on a strict workout and diet regime, which she was forced to maintain in rehab. “The day after Thanksgiving, she said she didn’t eat anything besides vegetables because she felt like his eyes were always on her,” the source adds.

Sadly, Britney’s troubles go far beyond pills. According to the source, she’s under constant pressure — and would have no need for energy-enhancing drugs if she could just settle down, stop performing and spend time with the people she loves most: her children and her mother. “She told me that all she wanted to do was ‘move back to Louisiana and have more babies,’ but that her dad wouldn’t let her,” the insider says. “All she wants to do is settle down and be near her best friend — her mom.”



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