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Sean Penn Admits He & Charlize Theron Watch 'The Bachelor'

Sean Penn, Charlize Theron Relationship

Credit: Picture by: Image Press / Splash News

Even the world’s most A-list couples can’t get enough of reality television! Sean Penn appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday, where he admitted that he and girlfriend Charlize Theron just happen to be avid viewers of The Bachelor.

“Britt or Kaitlyn?” the stoic star asked host Jimmy Kimmel, referring to the recently announced Bachelorette twist that Britt Nilsson and Kaitlyn Bristowe will both start out as “the Bachelorette” on the upcoming season of the show. Naturally, the talk show host was caught completely off-guard by the seemingly out-of-the-blue topic change.

“You’re a Bachelor fan?!” a shocked Jimmy asked. “I never would have guessed this. Oh my goodness, my head just exploded.” Finally able to wrap his head around the actor’s question, he added, “Do you and Charlize watch The Bachelor? I assume you’re watching with her otherwise, if it’s alone, this is real weird.”

“We argue about whether or not we should fast forward,” Sean admitted. “I don’t want to hear the conversations. I just want to know the decisions. Is he going to decide on this one or this one? I want to see somebody cry. And then see somebody get ecstatic…and then see them cry.”

Next, Jimmy posed the “Britt or Kaitlyn” question to his guest (on the upcoming Bachelorette, the male contestants will have to choose which lady they want to compete for). “It’s going to have to be Kaitlyn,” the 54-year-old said.

Looks like he’ll have to tune in this May with the rest of us to find out!


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