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EXCLUSIVE: Amanda Bynes' Psych Ward Diary

Amanda Bynes arrives in LA at LAX

Credit: Picture by: Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News

Stumbling into 1Oak with on Nov. 13, Amanda Bynes seemed intent on relishing her newfound freedom. But for those who’d been in treatment with the actress at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, Calif., the star’s release from the facility is cause for concern, not celebration.

“Amanda displayed bizarre, volatile and the most unstable behavioral patters ever inside the mental health facility,” a fellow patient tells Star in an exclusive interview, adding that the actress, who was admitted to the facility on Oct. 10 following a public meltdown in New York City, was released far too soon. “She has real problems.”

Amanda’s behavior worried and upset fellow patients — most of whom steered clear of her, despite her celebrity status. “Amanda made no effort to make friends during her stay at Las Encinas, but no one wanted anything to do with her either,” the insider adds. “Her behavior was that off-putting and strange.”

From Oct. 19-Oct. 30, Amanda stayed in the hospital’s Mariah unit — a women-only wing reserved for patients deemed a threat to themselves or others. But while the unit is high security, Amanda still managed to disrupt the lives of her fellow patients.

“Amanda got into a fight with one of the other patients over a remote control and was punched in the fact,” the source explains. “She was so upset that she threatened to press charges against the patient.”

The attacker was moved to another section of the hospital, but Amanda’s behavior didn’t change. If anything, the source says, she acted in a way that was even more erratic. “Instead of befriending others, Amanda would sing and talk to herself,” the insider reveals, adding that while she was often lucid enough to demand special favors, she often slipped into delusional states. “She used her silver makeup compact as a pretend cellphone,” the source says. “You’d see her speaking directly into it while in a trance, and responding as though someone on the other end was talking back to her.”

Refusing to shower, change her clothes or even remove her sunglasses when she slept, Amanda put off other patients with her “hygiene issues.” while her emotions veered from one extreme to the next. Known for throwing tantrums with hospital staff when they tried to give her medicine, Amanda would at other times become “hypersexual,” flashing her breasts at male staffers and “trying to seduce them by grabbing their crotches,” the source says. “At times, when Amanda became frustrated with the male staffers, she would strip down naked and try to whip at the guards with her clothing. It was incredibly upsetting.”

Indeed, Amanda’s antics behinds the walls of the facility were so unsettling that it was perplexing to many when she was released from her 30-day hold, the source says. And not surprisingly, she seems to have shown no improvement since her release.

Her loved ones are worried, and the source says, they have reason to be. “Medicine or not, Amanda was violent and angry. She needs help.”

Are Amanda’s parents in danger?! Find out, and learn Amanda’s daily routine at the hospital, in the latest issue of Star, on newsstands now!


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