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Amanda Bynes Apologizes to Parents: "I Am Doing My Best to Get Better"

INF Amanda Bynes takes a selfie and has a smoke while she breaks for lunch

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Once again, Amanda Bynes is backtracking. The actress released a statement on Monday regarding alleged comments she made about wanting to “murder” her father.

The audio tape of the 28-year-old’s troubling statements were released by TMZ over the weekend, and reportedly recorded by her former roommate. “I’m sorry I trusted people who clearly were not my friends and capitalized on my illness,” she said in a statement, via her lawyer, to Access Hollywood. “I am doing my best to get better. I am truly sorry for the statements I made. I am sorry for any pain I caused my family and others.”

Amanda previously revealed that she’s been diagnosed as bipolar and manic-depressive. According to her lawyer, David Esquibias, she’s been seeing doctors four times a week. “I am thankful for everyone’s patience and understanding,” she continued. “I never expected others to take advantage and profit from my condition. I’m disappointed with those who lulled me into a false sense of security only to find out they are really only interested in selling my privacy to the media.”

Still, Amanda’s troubling rant against her dad is not much of a surprise. She previously accused him of sexual abuse on Twitter, which her mother has denied, and has, on multiple occasions, discussed her desire to be free from her parents, who previously had a conservatorship over their daughter.

“By the way – i was obviously joking about hurting my family – i straight up don’t believe in harming a soul,” the Easy A star tweeted after the recordings were released. “I said what I said in jest & if you don’t understand that then know I’m in therapy to talk about my dad issues and that will solve my concerns with ppl invading my private life.”


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