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Amanda Bynes Confirms Medical Condition, Disses Parents on Twitter

Amanda Bynes arrives at LAX from New York.

Credit: Picture by: Splash News

Returning to Twitter early Tuesday morning, Amanda Bynes revealed some big plans — and they all involve getting out from under her parents’ thumb! The troubled star took to the social media site to finally confirm (although, with her, it’s hard to determine what’s true and what’s not) the condition doctors have diagnosed her with, while also taking a dig at her mom and dad.

“I was diagnosed bi – polar and manic depressive so I’m on medication and I’m seeing my psychologist and pyshchiatrist weekly so I’m fine :D,” she wrote. The 28-year-old was recently released from a psychiatric facility where she was being held involuntarily.

Following her release, Rick and Lynn Bynes obtained a temporary conservatorship over their daughter, giving them control of her medical and financial decisions. Amanda has made it clear that she wants nothing to do with her parents (even going so far as to accuse her dad of sexual abuse), and days later, that still seems to be the case.

“I need to get an apartment and my parents won’t give me access to any of my funds,” she ranted. “I’m not living with my parents. I’m not legally obligated to. My lawyer said if I comply with the courts and take my meds and see my psychologist and pyshchiatrist weekly then I will get unconserved. Thank GOD.”

Still, she added some confusion to the mix hours later, when she added, “I was at a friends apartment last night and one of my friends tweeted my phone , sorry guys !”


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