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Amanda Bynes Released from Psychiatric Facility

Amanda Bynes riding a citi bike in New York City

Credit: Image by © Dave Spencer/Splash News/Corbis

In a quick change of events, Amanda Bynes is back on the streets of California. Despite a judge’s recent 30-day extension on the actress’ involuntary psychiatric hold, she was released by doctors on Thursday.

According to TMZ, the 28-year-old pled her case in front of a hearing officer at the facility, and although doctor’s say she’s mentally ill, she was deemed lucid enough to be released. In other words, her condition was well enough that she can no longer be held involuntarily.

From there, Amanda walked Sunset Blvd., apparently looking for a place to stay, and gorged on a huge meal at a diner. There, a waitress says the troubled starlet didn’t seem “with it,” and was mumbling to herself at the table.

Earlier this week, Amanda’s mom, Lynn, was granted a temporary conservatorship over her daughter, which gives her control of the Hairspray star’s medical and financial decisions. Unfortunately, psychiatric care does not fall under the guidelines.


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