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Britney Spears' Career Going Up In Smoke!

Britney Spears munches on Mexican foodFans around the world were shocked in early July when an early take of the single “Alien,” from Britney Spears’ 2013 album, Britney Jean, was leaked online. The track, which had not been fine-tuned by producers and was never intended to be heard by the public, set the internet ablaze with criticism.

“Ears have been scarred for life,” one critic wrote, with another calling her voice a “[weak] warble.”

In the aftermath of the embarrassing leak, rumors have swirled that the obvious decline in Britney’s voice may be linked to her constant companion — cigarettes.

“It’s common with smokers,” says leading Los Angeles vocal coach, Roger Burnley who has worked with talent such as Brandy and Macy Gray. “Smoking dehydrates the voice so singers have to push to hit the right notes.”

Though Britney has received frequent criticism for her vocals, Burnley notes, “She had quite a strong voice when she was younger.” Brit, who has been known to smoke upwards of “40 cigarettes” per day was photographed puffing several weeks ago in the San Fernando Valley.

But will putting down the cigarette help her career?

“Definitely,” says Burnley, “If she quit and worked on her technique, she could get back to the voice she had when she was younger. I know it’s still in there.”

Friends, however, are not so sure it’s likely to happen. “She’s been smoking for over a decade,” a source tells Star. “I’m not sure she’ll be able quit. But for so many reasons — her kids, her career and not least of all her health, I really hope she does.”

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