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Jennifer Lawrence: How She Makes Long Distance Work With Nicholas Hoult

Jennifer lawrence

Despite a brief breakup in 2013, Jennifer Lawrence has been dating her boyfriend Nicholas Hoult since they met on the set of X-Men: First Class three years ago. Normally, the Oscar winner keeps fairly quiet about her love life, but in a new interview with Marie Claire, she’s opened up about how they make their long distance relationship work.

“When we’re busy, we agree to mutually ignore each other,” she admitted. “Not completely, but neither of us gets mad when the other doesn’t text back or call. Life’s super busy. Obviously you know what they’re doing and you trust them.”

She may ignore him when they’re busy, but the actress couldn’t help but praise her on and off screen love. “Looks can go pretty far,” she said, when asked what she looks for in a guy. “Nobody can deny a beautiful face. Fortunately, I have one.” After realizing that her admission came out completely wrong she added, “Oh, no! I mean my boyfriend! I didn’t mean my face! Oh my God! I meant I’m with somebody who has a beautiful face.”

So…have the costars and lovers gotten freaky on set? “No comment,” Jen blushed, eventually giving in and adding, “I will say, it’s complicated to explain touchups when you come back from lunch…?”

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The 23-year-old became America’s sweetheart after roles in Silver Linings Playbook and The Hunger Games, but does realize that celebrities fade out. “Nobody can stay beloved forever,” she explained. “I never believed it, the whole time. I was like, just wait — people are going to get sick of me. My picture is everywhere, my interviews are everywhere. I’m way too annoying because I get on red carpets and I’m really hyper, most likely because I’ve been drinking, and I can’t not photo-bomb somebody if it’s a good opportunity!”

Jennifer’s endearing and relatable attitude is what made fans fall in love with her, but soon some, including Jared Leto, questioned whether or not her red-carpet falls and mishaps were all an act. “I know!” she admitted. “I’m trying to do the right thing, waving to the fans, trying to be nice…and then there’s a traffic cone. The second I hit it, I was laughing, but on the inside, I was like, ‘You’re f—ed, they’re totally going to think this is an act.’ If I were Jared Leto, I would completely agree!”

In the end, the American Hustle star says she’s just going to keep being herself. “Honestly, I’m just doing my best,” she said. “But if people want to start the backlash, I’m the captain of that team. As much as you hate me, I’m 10 steps ahead of you.”


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