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Cameron Diaz Reveals: "I've Been With a Lady"

Cameron diaz

Sometimes, you just gotta try something once! Cameron Diaz made some revelations about her personal life while appearing on Watch What Happens Live on Monday.

The actress played host Andy Cohen’s recurring game “Plead the Fifth,” in which she’s asked three questions and can only refrain from answering one of them. For his first question, the TV exec asked, “Have you, yourself, ever swam in the lady pond?”

After being asked to clarify, Andy put it in simple terms: “Have you ever been with a lady?” Eventually, the Other Woman star was straightforward with her response. “Yes, I have been with a lady. Yeah,” she admitted.

“You didn’t ask explicitly how I was with a lady,” she pointed out. “But I have been with a lady.”

Next, Andy referenced Cameron’s past relationship with Alex Rodriguez, by asking her the best and worst thing about dating a baseball player. “I think schedule and schedule!” she confirmed.

For the final question, the 41-year-old got off a bit easy when asked what movie she regrets starring in. “I don’t think I have any regrets,” she said. “Is that an answer?”

And she didn’t even have to plead the fifth!


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