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Q&A: Cameron Diaz Talks The Other Woman


Credit: Photo by: Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images

In The Other Woman, Cameron Diaz plays a woman who finds out her boyfriend is marriedShe decides to take matters into her own hands by teaming up with his wife (Leslie Mann), and together, they both find out he’s also hooking up with another woman (Kate Upton).

The three women then work together to take down their mutual man, and we caught up with Cameron to talk about the movie.

How would you plot your revenge if a man cheated on you?

Honestly, I don’t see this movie as about revenge. This is about the celebration of relationships that are very unlikely. It’s just an excuse for them to be silly.

What did you think when you read you’d be running in a bikini?

Make sure it all stays in the right place! It could be really ugly if it slips up.

Kate Upton also rocks a bikini in this one. Did you get competitive with your costars?

I hate competition between women. I want everybody to succeed. I don’t believe in being jealous of other people for their beauty or their talking or their ability. It’s just not something I’m into.

But you do look great. Did you work out for the movie?

It’s not a matter of going in and getting ready for that bikini scene. It’s just about longevity and taking care of myself regularly on a daily basis.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

If you go back 20 years to my first interviews, I said, “happy, hopefully.” That’s my goal. I’m very much a person who lives in the moment — I’ve always been that way. I’m a person who just kind of chips away every day and makes sure that this moment is taken care of and I’m happy.

You do always seem to be in a good mood.

I’m a pretty happy girl!

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